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While walking is a fun form of physical fitness and an environmentally friendly way to get where you need to go, the reckless behaviors of motorists on the road can put you at risk. At Preszler Law, we know how serious and potentially life threatening these accidents can be, and can advise you on how to get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Since 1959, our Langford pedestrian accident lawyers have been providing the aggressive legal representation victims need, acting as a strong legal advocate on your behalf at a time when you need it the most.

Legal Representation for Pedestrian Accidents in Langford

Pedestrian accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence in Langford. According to the Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC), these types of accidents end up causing potentially serious injuries for roughly 2,500 people in British Columbia each year. On Vancouver Island, they most commonly occur at intersections and in crosswalks, but can also happen when walking along sidewalks or strolling down streets through your own neighborhood.

Often, it is the reckless and dangerous actions of motorists that cause pedestrian accidents in Langford to occur. At Preszler Law, we provide professional, aggressive legal representation to victims of pedestrian accidents caused by the following types of reckless driving behaviors:

  • Speeding and going too fast for conditions;
  • Aggressive driving, such as failure to yield and disregarding traffic signs and signals;
  • Distracted driving, which includes using cell phones, texting, or changing GPS and car radio stations;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, street drugs, or over the counter and prescription medications;
  • Drowsy driving, which mirrors the effects of drunk driving and could cause a driver to fall asleep behind the wheel.

In crashes and collisions involving motor vehicles, pedestrians have little in the way of protection. As a result, they often end up suffering injuries that can be severe and life threatening, resulting in permanent and ongoing disabilities.

We Hold Reckless Drivers Accountable

Whether you are injured in a crosswalk or by a driver who fails to see you in a parking lot or while walking on the side of the road, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffer. It is important to report any type of pedestrian accident immediately to law enforcement officials, and to get a description of the driver and the make and model of the vehicle he or she was operating.

At Preszler Law, we can advise you on how to hold the driver responsible for your accident by filing an ICBC claim. Compensation you may be entitled to recover includes:

  • Medical expenses, which cover your current costs, along with any future follow up care, treatment, physical rehabilitation, and medications you need;
  • Lost wages, and future losses in earnings and wages you suffer due to ongoing disabilities;
  • Compensation for the pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment in life you and your family members experience because of your pedestrian accident;
  • Out of pocket costs, for any other out of pocket expenses you incur due to your injuries.

Unfortunately, dealing with the ICBC can prove challenging. Under the BC ‘Rules of the Road’, pedestrians do have certain obligations and are required to obey certain traffic rules. If you failed to use a sidewalk or crossed anywhere other than a designated crosswalk, ICBC may attempt to deny your claim. This is why you need an experienced Langford pedestrian accident on your side.

Let Our Langford Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Help You

When the ICBC disputes the details surrounding your pedestrian accident or the injuries you suffer, Preszler Law acts as a strong ally on your side. We gather the evidence needed to support your claim, which may include:

  • Accident reports and photos taken from the scene;
  • Testimony from accident reconstruction experts;
  • Statements from witnesses, who may have seen how the accident occured;
  • Videotape evidence from nearby stores or traffic signals;
  • Statements from friends and family members regarding your injuries and the impact your accident has had on your life;
  • Copies of medical records, receipts, and statements from your doctor regarding your current and future prognosis.

You generally only have one chance to get the compensation you need when filing an insurance claim. Before signing any documents or accepting an amount that may be less than you deserve, reach out and contact our Langford pedestrian accident lawyers first. We can arrange a free, initial consultation in our office to discuss the details surrounding your case and how we can help you. Call or contact us online today.

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