Can I Claim Lost Wages After a Car Accident?

Anyone injured in a car accident is likely to need some time off work. For many people, it is just a matter of a day or so, but those who are seriously hurt may lose considerable time off the job. The good news is that the ICBC does provide wage loss benefits after a motor vehicle accident. The bad news is that the amount may not equal your standard wages. Much depends on your ICBC policy. The ICBC is known as no-fault insurance because it covers those injured whether or not they were responsible for the accident. You must also make decisions regarding the purchase of short-term or long-term disability insurance before an accident strikes.

When applying for benefits, you must speak with an ICBC insurance adjuster. Keep in mind that the ICBC wants to settle your claim for as little as possible, and wants to minimize the extent of your injuries. A qualified ICBC lawyer at Preszler Injury Lawyers can advise you on what to say during this meeting – and what not to say –so that you may receive the maximum benefits for which you are eligible.

Short-and-long term disability policies

If you have a short-or-long-term disability policy, you should receive partial wages while recuperating. If you receive such a policy through your employer, contact the human resources department to get the particulars concerning your policy. If you purchased the insurance privately, contact the insurance provider. You must file a claim as soon as possible post-accident. Expect to wait at least a month before receiving disability benefits.

Canadian Employment Insurance

Canadian Employment Insurance may also provide you with some income if you are unable to work after an automobile accident. While you will not receive the full amount of your wages, the income is welcome during this difficult time. You must wait at least two weeks before receiving these benefits. Should you pursue a lawsuit regarding the accident and receive a settlement, you must repay any funds received via the Canadian Employment Insurance program.

Not everyone is eligible for Canadian Employment Insurance. If your claim is denied, make sure you receive a written reason for the denial.

Basic ICBC benefits

Injured parties who do not qualify for Canadian Employment Insurance or lack private lost wage insurance may prove eligible for ICBC benefits. If you opt for a basic ICBC policy and were employed for at least six out of the past 12 months, you might receive up to $300 weekly in temporary disability benefits. The ICBC may also cover the initial two weeks of lost wages not covered by Canadian Employment Insurance – these are known as Part 7 benefits. You must file for Part 7 benefits within 30 days of the accident. These benefits also include medical treatment expenses, even if the driver was at fault.

ICBC changes

As of September 1, 2019, the ICBC changed the way it sets insurance premiums. Accident history and driver experience will now play a larger role in the amount motorists pay, and it has also updated factors such as vehicle use.

ICBC verification

After a car crash, it is critical that you visit the hospital or a doctor as soon as possible. The ICBC requires medical verification to consider your claim, and waiting for diagnosis and treatment may harm your case. The ICBC insurance adjuster may decide you were not seriously hurt in the car accident. The doctor will fill out the paperwork necessary for ICBC verification.

You must also provide the ICBC with employment and wage verification. If Canadian Employment Insurance was denied, submit written proof of the denial.

When you are recovering from an accident, filling out paperwork and making phone calls to ensure the proper medical and employment verification forms are submitted by your healthcare provider or employer is often difficult. A lawyer can assist you in this regard.

Contact an ICBC Car Accident Lawyer

If you or someone who know was injured in a car accident and unable to work, the ICBC law firm of Preszler Injury Lawyers can help. Arrange a free consultation by calling 24/7 or contacting us online. We will review your claim and determine a reasonable value for a claim. Those with severe injuries may also seek future lost earnings compensation. We service all of British Columbia.

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