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Chronic pain is defined as pain that continues six months after an injury has occurred. The pain can come as a result of nerve damage, facet join pain, disc injury, back injury, neck injury or other health conditions acquired in an accident.

Is there a cure for chronic pain from an accident injury?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for chronic pain. There is only management of the pain through specialized treatments and prescription medications. This leaves accident victims with consistent pain and suffering, psychological issues, and often times, an inability to work.

I look well on the outside. How do I effectively demonstrate the pain I feel in my body?

When it comes to evaluating the amount of pain an accident victim feels, there is no tried and true formula. Each individual has a unique pain threshold, and therefore, only s/he can rate the pain and effectively communicate how it impacts his/her daily life. Otherwise, the party responsible for compensation will never fully comprehend the severity and affect the pain has on the individual’s life.

If you are having a hard time describing or vocalizing your chronic pain, you are not alone. One of the most difficult roadblocks sufferers of chronic pain face is an inability to effectively put into words what they are feeling, especially when they look well on the outside. Sufferers may want to avoid being viewed as weak or as a complainer so they choose to say they feel okay or feel only some pain each time they see their doctors. When an accident victim decides to downplay their condition, they hurt their chances of receiving full compensation for his or her claim.

How can a Vancouver chronic pain lawyer help me prove my condition is real?

The pain and suffering component of a personal injury claim can be the most difficult to prove. For this reason, you should consider hiring a lawyer at Preszler Law to support the facts of your claim.

One of the most ineffective ways to demonstrate how much pain you are experiencing is to request an interview with the insurance adjuster. Interviews can be tricky and are something we never recommend. While there are benefits to having the insurance adjuster see and listen to your testimony, you run the risk of using words that may minimize your pain, and then having those words used against you as a tactic for lowering the value your claim.

Though shocking, this is not an uncommon practice. Since the cost of ongoing medical treatment for chronic pain can be lofty, the adjuster may attempt to diminish your pain, sometimes going as far as to say you are faking it just to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.

To prevent any mishaps in communication, you would be wise to defer any communication with the insurance company to your chronic pain lawyer.

Our firm’s goal is to provide the insurance company with a complete and accurate understanding of your condition, and establish grounds for obtaining the maximum compensation available under law. We do this by immediately obtaining your medical records to see how effective you have been about communicating your pain. This essential concept can make–or break–your case and ability to recover financial compensation.

We will also look at what your treating physicians have done to eliminate or manage your pain. This is another important step in knowing how to effectively communicate your pain to the insurance company.

At Preszler Law, our chronic pain lawyers dedicate themselves to helping accident victims like you substantiate their claims with compelling evidence so they get the maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

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How much will I win from the insurance company?

When you meet with a chronic pain lawyer at Preszler Law in Vancouver, s/he will review with you the types of compensation available to you and give you an honest estimate on what your claim is worth. At the end of your meeting, you will have a clear understanding of the claims process and what it takes to recover your past and future medical expenses as well as any lost wages.

If you have a valid chronic pain injury claim, you may be entitled to the following:

  • Compensation for Pain and Suffering, lost wages both past and future, future medical care both past and future, out of pocket expenses and housekeeping and home maintenance services.
  • Accident benefits (if your condition resulted from a motor vehicle accident).
  • Disability benefits (if your condition is permanent and disabling).

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