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Every year, there are approximately 500,000 dog bite attacks across Canada, estimates the Animal Legal & Historical Center. Many of these attacks result in serious injuries, scarring, and psychological damage.

British Columbia laws provide that when dangerous dogs injure people, their owners may be held financially liable for victims’ damages. If you or your child recently fell victim to a dog attack, you are invited to call Preszler Law for a free consultation with a dog bite lawyer in Kelowna to go over your legal options: 1-844-373-8202.

Can I hold the dog owner responsible for dog bite injuries?

In many cases, victims can hold dog owners liable for damages when they are attacked and injured. The law specifies that there are two grounds upon which you can file a claim or sue the dog owner:

  • Scienter approach: If the dog had bitten or attacked people before, you can pursue a claim using the scienter approach, also referred to as the “one-bite rule.” To substantiate your case, you must be able to show that 1) the dog had history of aggression, and 2) the owner knew about the dog’s dangerous propensities. (In legal terms, “scienter” means to have knowledge of.)
  • Negligence approach: Even if there is no proof of prior aggression, you can still hold the owner liable if you can show the owner was somehow negligent by failing to take reasonable precautions to prevent his dog from hurting people. For instance, failing to fix a fence that contained the dog or failing to latch the gate may be negligence.

What steps should I take after a dog attack?

  • Get to a safe area and seek medical attention. Try to remain calm and apply pressure to wounds to control bleeding until help arrives.
  • Identify the owneror whoever had custody of the dog at the time of the attack. Note his name, number, and address. This is exceptionally important not only to preserve your legal case, but so that you can determine whether or not the dog’s rabies vaccines are up-to-date.
  • Collect informationor items that you can use as evidence such as eyewitness contact information, photos of the dog/hazards that contributed to the attack, photos of your injuries, etc.
  • Call a lawyer for help with your case. For a dog bite lawyer in Kelowna, call 1-844-373-8202.

Does the owner have to pay my bills out-of-pocket?

Generally, homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance covers dog owners when their pets injure people. So, the first remedy you can pursue is to file a claim with the owner’s insurance company. If the insurer accepts the claim, the company will pay for your compensable damages, up to the policyholder’s coverage limits. In these cases, the owner will not have to pay you directly.

Preszler Law can help. We have been representing dog bite victims for 55 years; we know how to expedite claims and maximize our clients’ recovery. Contact us today to inquire about our services.

What types of damages can I recover with a dog bite claim?

Dog bite injuries can be extensive — not just physically, but emotionally. Fortunately, you can obtain compensation for various types of monetary and non-monetary losses including:

  • Medical bills, reconstructive surgeries, rehabilitation;
  • Loss of wages;
  • Temporary and permanent disabilities;
  • Disfigurement and scarring;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Psychological harms;
  • Loss of income; and,
  • Out-of-pocket expenses.

Should I hire a dog bite lawyer in Kelowna to help with my case?

Collecting enough evidence to prove a dog bite injury case can be challenging, especially when you are recuperating from the attack. It is prudent to have a lawyer facilitate the case for you. A dog bite lawyer will be able to explain exactly what your rights are, determine upon which grounds to pursue the case, and help you file the necessary paperwork. Our Kelowna dog bite lawyers can also ensure that you have accounted for all of your losses so you can receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

And because our firm offers free, no-obligation consultations, you can get information with no upfront charge and zero risk. It makes good sense to retain a lawyer to ensure you handle your case correctly and that you follow all the legal requirements to protect your rights to recovery.

Contact our dog bite lawyer in Kelowna for a FREE consultation.

For questions about a dog bite case and for help getting the compensation you deserve after an attack, call Preszler Law today to request a free consultation: 1-844-373-8202.

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