Abbotsford Product Liability Lawyer

Companies owe a public duty to research and test products before releasing them to the market. They must adhere to strict quality control standards on their assembly lines and warn consumers of any known risks associated with their products on the packaging and labelling of their goods. Manufacturers and marketers can be held liable when their shortcomings put consumers at risk. If you or a loved one have been harmed, our Preszler team of Abbotsford lawyers are here to help. We are sizable product liability law firm with the expertise and the resources to take on a case and win.

Recalls Are All Too Common in Canada

Often, unsafe products are recalled off the shelves only after a considerable number of consumer reports come to light. In recent years, Canadians have seen recalls related to beef contaminated with E Coli, vegetables contaminated with Listeria, cheese contaminated with Salmonella, moldy children’s books, light-up Halloween costumes that present a burn risk, talcum powder linked to ovarian and lung cancers, arthritis medication linked to deadly blood clots, and toy choking hazards.

What to Do If You Were Hurt by A Defective Consumer Product

According to the 2011 Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, you must:

  • Report the incident to Health Canada within two days of becoming aware of the incident.
  • Submit a more thorough written report within 10 days.

According to the Act, an “incident” is “an occurrence in Canada or elsewhere that resulted or may reasonably have been expected to result in an individual’s death or serious adverse effects on their health, including a serious injury.”

It is especially important to consult with Abbotsford product liability lawyers to ensure your case gets handled promptly and does not get shuffled aside. You may need assistance in building your claim, particularly if you were unaware of the strict reporting windows.

What Happens After You Contact Abbotsford Product Liability Lawyers

After you contact Preszler Law Firm about a product liability related claim:

  • We will offer you a friendly, free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case merits.
  • We will explain your full set of legal options, including settlements, criminal charges, and lawsuits.
  • If we agree that Preszler Law should represent your claim, you’ll sign a contingency contract.
  • You pay nothing upfront to pursue your claim. We pay all the costs associated with the investigation.
  • After building a substantial case, we will first try to negotiate settlement terms.
  • If settlement talks fall flat, we will begin preparing for trial.
  • You pay a government-capped legal fee (about 33%) out of the compensation we secure on your behalf.
  • If your case is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing. So, in that way, working with a lawyer is risk-free.

Our product liability lawyers will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. You may be entitled to financial reparations that cover medical expenses, lost wages, household service assistance, a limited amount of pain and suffering, and death benefits in the worst-case scenarios. Get your free assessment today.

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