Langley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Langley is several miles from downtown Vancouver, but the community’s residents are not strangers to the traffic congestion that is common in the latter. That congestion causes bigger problems for bikers, who can easily suffer serious injuries from inattentive drivers. The Preszler team of Langley motorcycle accident lawyers help injured riders to pursue their accident and injury claims in British Columbia. Every motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm has the knowledge that is required to pursue this case successfully and to recover the damage awards that injured riders are entitled to receive. 

The injured rider’s challenges in a motorcycle accident lawsuit

Bikers might face subtle prejudices from negligent motorists and insurance adjusters who assume that motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous. An experienced personal injury lawyer will confront those prejudices and will marshal the facts of the case to demonstrate the rider’s safe operation of his bike against the negligent driving of the careless motorist who caused the accident. A dedicated lawyer will also understand the kinds of injuries that riders are likely to suffer, and the costs associated with rehabilitation.

Confronting and negotiating with the ICBC

The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) has a virtual monopoly on liability coverage for motorists in British Columbia. The ICBC can be persuaded to pay the full amount of compensation that is required to make an injured rider whole, but the company also has a history of offering minimal or low settlements that fail to account for all of an injured party’s damages.

Our experienced Langley motorcycle accident lawyers will fight tirelessly for an injured party to collect compensation for present and future medical expenses, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. They will also ensure that the victim misses none of the administrative requirements to secure his or her claim for damages, including filing a report within 30 days and initiating an accident claim within 90 days after an accident.

An injured rider who has never confronted the ICBC can be quickly overwhelmed by its bureaucracy. That rider’s better option is to focus on recovering from their injuries and authorizing a lawyer to deal with the ICBC.

Proving the value of the losses and injuries you suffered in your motorcycle accident

Liability in an injury lawsuit is a function of the specific facts of each case. You can help by collecting and retaining as much information as is possibl, including:

  • cell phone pictures of the vehicles and the accident scene;
  • identities of any witnesses;
  • weather and road conditions;
  • maintenance records about your bike; and
  • bills from doctors and health centers that treat you after your accident.

Call us for a no-fee consultation

Preszler Law’s central office is in downtown Vancouver. For the convenience of its clients, the firm maintains six consultation offices in British Columbia, including offices in Surrey and Abbotsford, to serve the needs of injured residents of Langley township. Your first call or meeting with one of our lawyers is always free. If you hire us and we agree to represent you, we will earn our fees from the damages we collect for you. If we cannot collect damages, our services are fully complimentary.

Please see our website or call any of our seven British Columbia offices for more information on how you can recover a damages award– so that you can begin to rebuild your life and get back on your bike.

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