Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

According to ICBC, between 2009 and 2014, there was an average of 2,200 motorcycle crashes per year, with 1,500 injured victims and 33 fatalities. Approximately half of all motorcycle accident victims require hospitalization.

The truth is that motorcycle accidents frequently result in serious and fatal injuries to the motorcyclist. Often the severity of the injuries are worse than those acquired in car accidents because motorcycles do not have seat belts or air bags. In a motorcycle accident, the victim has less protection from blunt force trauma.

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries because of a motorcycle accident, Preszler Law in Vancouver can help.

Since 1959, Preszler Law has represented thousands of victims of motorcycle accidents with a trusted, caring approach.

What are the main causes of motorcycle accidents?

In a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist typically faces one of two scenarios. First, they may be thrown off of the bike and onto the pavement or grass below. At this point, the victim slides along the ground until his or her body finally stops moving. Second, the motorcyclist may collide with a car or truck at a rapid speed. With no protection, it is nearly impossible to lessen the impact or avoid injury. Common motorcycle injuries include:

What if I wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the accident? Am I at fault?

Motorcycle riders must wear helmets at all times in British Columbia. Failure to wear one could increase the risk of head, brain, or neck injuries.

If you were not wearing a helmet, an insurance company may view this as contributing to your injuries, and it could reduce your settlement. But it does not remove your right to sue for compensation.

Let us address any allegations of contributory negligence from the insurance company. We will fight to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

What if I alone crashed my motorcycle, do I still have a case?

Riders must carry the Basic Autoplan, which includes Accident Benefits (often called “Part 7 Benefits”). These are no-fault benefits that cover you even if you caused your accident. So if you alone caused the accident, then you may still recover compensation under your ICBC policy, up to $150,000 in medical and rehabilitation costs and $300 per week in income replacement benefits.

How will hiring a lawyer at Preszler Law help me?

Motorcycle accident victims can be left with a mass of medical bills and months to years of rehabilitation expenses. The insurance company should account for your losses, but often they use tactics to minimize your injuries and what they should pay you.

The Preszler Law approach revolves around successfully proving the facts of your case. As soon as you become our client, we conduct a prompt and thorough investigation separate from that of the insurance company. We will take photographs of the scene and vehicles involved, secure police and medical reports, and interview eyewitnesses. This information is crucial in determining how the accident happened and identifying the parties at fault for your injuries.

Once we build a solid case, we will present it to the insurance company. Our evidence will outline all of your injuries and damages, the health and occupational problems you will likely face in the future, and a demand for maximum compensation to cover your losses.

With over 55 years’ combined experience in handling personal injury claims, we know what must be done to represent your interests properly and effectively, and what information the insurance company needs to evaluate your claim.

How much time do I have to file a claim?

There is a two-year statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim in British Columbia. But get started as soon as you can. The sooner you begin, the sooner we can start collecting evidence, valuing your claim, and working towards getting you the compensation you need.

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At Preszler Law, we recognize you may be struggling to recover both physically and financially. While we cannot take away your pain, we can help you focus on healing by handling your personal injury claim. Our experienced lawyers will fight to get you the money you need to cover your past, present, and future medical treatment and other losses.

We would be pleased to meet with you at your home, your health care facility or our office. Your first consultation is free, and you are under no obligation to hire us. You also pay no upfront fees unless we accept your case and win.

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