Squamish Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a collision with a commercial truck, you know that the results can be devastating. The injuries that result from these accidents can have permanent or long-term consequences. Thankfully, you have legal recourse. Our Preszler team of Squamish truck accident lawyers could bring an injury suit on your behalf.

At Preszler Law, we care about the health and welfare of Squamish accident victims. We are proud to serve as their advocates and believe our compassionate approach to handling these claims is what is best for our clients. To learn if we are the truck accident law firm for you, contact us right away to discuss your case.

Understanding truck accident lawsuits

Trucking companies and the insurance providers that support them are no strangers to lawsuits. In fact, an important part of their business model is to limit the amount they pay out on injury claims regardless of their validity.

Insurance adjusters for the truck company’s carrier are likely to contact you shortly after your accident. They work quickly, hoping to discuss your case with you before you engage with a truck accident lawyer. They know that without our guidance, you are more likely to settle your case for far less than it is worth.

Their motives are also often more subversive. In many cases, they will take a friendly approach and ask you to discuss the accident in detail. What they look for, however, is an excuse to deny your claim. For example, if your story differs even slightly from what you tell police. In other cases, they could take your words out of context to claim you admitted responsibility for the accident.

It is important that you never discuss your case or sign any documents from the trucking company or their insurance provider without first speaking with a personal injury lawyer.

Our approach to legal fees

At Preszler Injury Law, we believe you deserve to proceed with your truck accident claim regardless of your ability to pay for a lawyer upfront. That is why we never seek upfront legal fees and operate on a contingency basis. We only recover a percentage of the compensation we obtain on your behalf. That means if we are unsuccessful, you will never have to pay us a dollar. We believe this approach puts our clients in the best position to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Call our Preszler team of Squamish truck accident lawyers

There is no time to delay when it comes to bringing a truck accident lawsuit. There are deadlines, and your lawyer will need ample time to thoroughly investigate your case beforehand. We can discuss your claim and answer any questions you have during your free, no-obligation consultation.

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