New Westminster Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers in New Westminster face the same rules of the road that you abide by every time you get behind the wheel. However, they also are bound by regulations that restrict everything from the amount of time they drive to the weight of their vehicle. Despite these regulations, careless truck operators often cause vehicle crashes with devastating consequences. If this has happened to you, our Preszler team of New Westminster truck accident lawyers could provide you with the chance to hold the negligent driver accountable.

In the aftermath, many people are often unsure of their next step. For some, their injuries are too severe to return to work, and the medical bills quickly mount. That is why we are dedicated to serving New Westminster as their truck accident law firm. To discuss your legal options with our team, contact us right away, and schedule a free consultation.

Rules of the road for truck drivers

To recover compensation, your truck accident lawyer must establish that the trucker or their employer was at fault. In many cases, this is done like any other vehicle accident. Truck operators must comply with the rules of the road, and their failure to drive safely could lead to a crash. This could include anything from speeding to failing to yield the right-of-way.

However, other regulations unique to commercial vehicles could also play a role in the crash. For example, truck drivers are limited in the amount of time they can be behind the wheel. Known as hours of service requirements, truckers must limit their driving and take adequate rest breaks to avoid exhaustion. This requirement is important because fatigued driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Truck operators also face other strict regulations. These cover every aspect of the vehicle from its weight to the type of cargo it hauls. If a truck driver violates these rules or fails to maintain the condition of the vehicle properly, it could result in civil liability for any accident they cause.

No fee unless we win your case

The stress of recovering from your injuries should be your focus after an accident. That’s why we take every truck accident claim on a contingency basis. This means there are no upfront legal fees, and you will never owe us a thing if we are unsuccessful in your case. The only way we recover a fee is if we obtain compensation on your behalf. Going forward with your case, risk-free is one strong reason to work with a Preszler personal injury lawyer.

Contact our team of New Westminster truck accident lawyers today

The thought of taking on a large trucking company in court and winning might seem far-fetched at first. However, success in these cases is common. To learn how we approach every truck accident claim, contact us for a free consultation.

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