Burnaby Truck Accident Lawyer

The trucking industry is an integral part of British Columbia’s economy. Commercial truck companies are required to follow strict regulations regarding cargo weight, maintenance schedules, driver working hours, and training. A failure to comply with any of these safety guidelines can result in serious accidents, and crashes involving big rigs are some of the most catastrophic.

Whether it was caused by a tired driver, malfunctioning brakes, or excessive speed, our Preszler team of Burnaby truck accident lawyers can help victims navigate the legal process and seek fair compensation for their suffering.

Providing effective advocacy with no upfront fees 

As a trusted personal injury law firm serving Burnaby, we understand the complex issues that arise in accidents involving semis, tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. Because the laws about these claims are tough to navigate on your own, it’s crucial to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. We are happy to review the facts of your accident at no cost to you.

If we believe we can help with your injury claim, there are no out-of-pocket legal fees since our lawyers work on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that we only get paid after you receive compensation for your case.

Preszler Law has 50 years of combined experience helping accident victims recover the benefits they deserve and we are dedicated to treating our clients with respect and care throughout the claims process and beyond. When you work with a Burnaby personal injury lawyer from our firm you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that we will protect your rights and fight for maximum compensation.

Liability issues in big rig accidents 

We examine every possible angle when pinpointing responsible parties. In fact, depending on the circumstances of your accident, there may be several parties at fault. A commercial trucking company may face liability if they negligently hired a driver without experience or proper training, or if they imposed delivery deadlines that infringed on lawful working hours. Driver fatigue is a leading cause of 18-wheeler accidents, as drowsiness impairs reaction times and concentration. British Columbia has specific laws designed to ensure truck drivers have adequate rest time between trips. For this reason, onboard logbooks can be a valuable source of evidence.

Thorough investigations will uncover the main cause of the accident:

  • Was the freight load too heavy and improperly secured?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Were there defects in the tires or truck equipment?
  • Was the big rig properly maintained and serviced?
  • Did road debris contribute to the accident?
  • Did the driver violate traffic laws?
  • Were speed limits ignored?
  • Was the driver working an extended shift and fatigued?

You don’t have to face this alone. When grappling with debilitating injuries, our truck accident law firm can help you fight for the maximum possible financial recovery.

Burnaby truck accident lawyers focusing on your recovery 

In the wake of a major accident, the last thing you want to deal with is complex paperwork and bothersome insurance representatives. Victims need a compassionate advocate. You will find that in a truck accident lawyer with our firm, who will focus on your immediate and long term needs.

Contact Preszler Law today for a free case review in Burnaby.

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