Langley City Trip and Fall Lawyer

Sometimes falls are inevitable, but tripping hazards caused by negligence should be taken seriously, and handled by a trip and fall law firm that is prepared to go to trial when insurance companies and defendants offer lowball settlements. If you are likely to recover within a few weeks, you may not need the services of a trip and fall lawyer, but if your injuries persist for months or years, you need a seasoned professional who can estimate the true costs of your accident and advocate on your behalf. At Preszler Law, our team of Langley City personal injury lawyers are standing by to assist you.

How Are Trip and Falls Different from Slip and Falls?

Sometimes you’ll hear “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accidents classified the same. However, they vary in the causes, and the types of injuries people sustain as a result. Telling Langley City personal injury lawyers precisely what happened in those moments before the fall will be especially important in crafting your legal argument.

  • Slip and fall accidents are caused by wet or slippery surfaces, such as puddles of water on the floor, an icy parking lot, stairs without grip tape, and spilled items. The loss of friction causes the foot to slip out and up, propelling the body in a backward motion. Most frequently, we see back-of-the-head, neck, and back injuries, as well as hip fractures and herniated vertebrae.
  • Trip and fall accidents are caused by uneven surfaces, objects obstructing a path, or fixed objects. Uneven sidewalks, poorly placed store displays, doorjambs, potholes, and ripped up carpeting are also common causes. When the foot meets resistance from an obstruction, the body propels forward, injuring the face, head, hands, arms, elbows, and knees.

What to Do After A Trip And Fall

 The most important step you can take after tripping and falling is to get immediate medical attention. Often times, people will crash down hard, but the surge of adrenaline prevents them from realizing how badly injured they are. Then, a week or more later, they finally get in to see the doctor about those aches and pains – only to find they have broken a bone, torn soft tissue, damaged a joint, or sustained more serious trauma than they had thought. When a judge and jury see this, they feel the plaintiff could not have been hurt too badly if you did not seek immediate care.

When you trip and fall on another person’s property, it is their insurance company that picks up the tab. While they may seem to be looking out for you, know that they are in the business of minimizing claims to save money. Before agreeing to talk to any property insurance companies, contact Langley City personal injury lawyers to represent your interests. Many times, injury victims are tricked into waiving their right to sue, or they are pressured into accepting a low settlement offer.

Ultimately, the amount you receive depends upon multiple factors – what your injuries are, how severe they are, how much the injuries affect daily life, what treatment you’ll need in the future, and how established the blame is for the accident. Some cases allow up to $350,000 in pain and suffering on top of medical costs.

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Our nearby offices in Surrey and Abbotsford give you convenient access to our lawyers in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We offer all personal injury clients free consultations. Should we decide to represent your claim to compensation, we will finance the cost of your litigation and ask for nothing upfront. Contact a trip and fall lawyer today.


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