Kamloops Trip and Fall Lawyer

A trip and fall accident can be life-changing when the head, spine, hip, or bones are involved. A qualified trip and fall lawyer can be a valuable ally to have on your side if you were seriously injured in a trip and fall on someone else’s property. Our law firm can help with:

  • Getting a referral the best medical care provider
  • Dealing with insurance providers, workers’ compensation, and medical bill collectors
  • Negotiating for a bigger settlement offer
  • Investigating the facts and find out what really happened

Preszler Law Firm offers free consultations and skilled assistance with no upfront costs. It just takes five minutes of your time to see if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Why Do Trip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Our trip and fall law firm generally sees two types of cases:

  • Trip and fall accidents on uneven surfaces, such as bunched carpets, flipped-up flooring, unlevel flooring, deteriorated sidewalks, broken stairs, and pavement potholes.
  • Trip and fall accidents involving objects left in walkways, on the ground, or on the floor.

Who Is Responsible For Trip and Fall Injury Expenses?

In British Columbia trip and fall cases, the premises owner is liable if it is determined he or she:

  1. Knew or reasonably should have known about the hazard.
  2. Failed to warn patrons of the known risk on the property.
  3. Failed to take appropriate measures to remedy the situation.

Proving Liability in Trip and Fall Cases

For a premises owner to be liable, it must be proven that he or she had previous “notice” of the hazard. Take the example of someone tripping over an uneven carpet. If that carpet had a history of curling up, and countless employees tripped in the same spot, it would be reasonable to presume that the landlord was negligent in his or her duty to keep the premises safe.

Sometimes there is no need to show a property owner had previous knowledge of the hazard – particularly when the property owner causes the hazard through negligent or reckless action. For instance, if a property owner repaired a broken step improperly, causing a patron to fall through the stair later, it can be reasonably presumed the owner did not follow safe and acceptable building practices.

Our lawyers will investigate other factors that may have led to the accident, such as:

  • Could a barrier or warning sign have prevented the hazard?
  • Did poor lighting play a role?
  • Was there a better or safer place to put the tripping hazard?
  • Was there a reason for the tripping hazard to be placed in the way?

You don’t need to know all the facts surrounding your case to contact a trip and fall lawyer. We can look into matters to see if more than meets the eye for you, free of charge.

Is It Worth Filing A Trip and Fall Lawsuit?

When you file a trip and fall lawsuit, potential compensation may be secured to cover: past, present, and future medical expenses; lost wages and reduced earning capacity; also pain and suffering.

This money can help you afford sufficient time off work or early retirement when your injuries impede your ability to work. It can remove financial stress from the equation, so you can focus on recovering.

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Our Kamloops personal injury lawyers are accessible to more than 90,000 Thompson Valley residents. If you can’t make it in to see us, we can come to you or consult by phone. For your convenience, our lawyers are fluent in the following languages: English; Cantonese; Mandarin; Punjabi; Hindi; Farsi; Urdu. Contact us to speak directly with a lawyer experienced in trip and fall cases.

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