Delta Trip and Fall Lawyer

The 100,000 residents of the city of Delta have ready access to the Fraser River and Boundary Bay. An accident, however, can ruin their ability to enjoy this. The trip and fall law firm of Preszler Law represents residents in Delta and throughout British Columbia who have suffered injuries from negligent property owners.

British Columbia’s Occupiers Liability Act and A Property Owner’s Liability for Injuries

Under the Occupiers Liability Act, a property owner in British Columbia is required to maintain it in a reasonably safe condition—meaning people will not suffer injuries from known hazards. Before a property owner is held liable for injuries, there must be some evidence that:

  • the owner knew about the hazard but did nothing to remove or correct it;
  • if the hazard could not be promptly removed, the owner did nothing to warn guests and visitors about it;
  • the owner did not routinely check the property for tripping hazards or, if the owner did have regular property inspection policies, the owner failed to follow those policies;
  • the owner did not install adequate lighting for a property that would be accessed regularly during evening hours.

If you are hurt on another person’s property, you should contact a trip and fall lawyer as soon as possible after the accident– before the evidence of it is lost or dissipated. Your ability to recover monetary damages to compensate for your injuries will always be a function of the specific facts of your case. The Preszler team of Delta personal injury lawyers will need to analyze those facts while they are still fresh and available.

A Trip and Fall Lawyer Will Fight for Your Interests

The property owner’s insurance company might offer to quickly settle your claim with an amount that only accounts for your immediate medical expenses. A Delta slip and fall lawyer will challenge that insurance company and demand greater compensation that could include; reimbursement of your anticipated future medical expenses, your case management and physical therapy costs, and the salary or wages that you might forfeit while you are recuperating from your injuries and are unable to work.

Filing Your Trip and Fall Lawsuit with the Deadlines of the Limitations Act

British Columbia’s Limitations Act gives you two years to file your negligence lawsuit after you suffer injuries in a trip and fall accident on private property. If this happens on government property, the filing deadline is significantly shorter, and you will be required to provide advance notice of your intent to file a lawsuit.  Contact our team of Delta personal injury lawyers as soon as you possible after your accident to avoid missing these critical deadlines.

The Delta Personal Injury Lawyers at Preszler Law Will Review Your Case for Free

Preszler Law offers complimentary initial consultations for trip and fall accident victims in Delta and throughout British Columbia. We serve Delta’s residents from our Vancouver offices at 1075 West Georgia Street, and our satellite offices in Richmond and Burnaby. We represent accident victims on a contingency fee basis, and you will pay no direct fees or expenses for our services to file and prosecute your lawsuit.


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