Victoria Slip and Fall Lawyer

Almost 1,800 Canadians, including residents of Victoria, are injured in accidental falls every day. Property owners and managers have a duty to keep their premises free from hazards, and otherwise to warn people of dangerous conditions. If they fail to do so, they may be legally liable for injuries directly resulting from those hazards.

As a slip and fall law firm, we represent individuals who are seeking to recover compensation for injuries sustained in Victoria slip and fall accidents. We help our clients to recover the monetary damages they deserve to reimburse them for their losses and expenses.

Establishing Liability in Victoria Slip and Fall Accidents

A court will look at several factors before holding a property owner liable for slip and fall injuries:

  • Could the owner foresee the accident risk?
  • Did the injured party have a right to be on the property as a guest or invitee?
  • Did the owner know of a hazard, but failed to remediate it?
  • Was the hazard difficult or impossible to remove?
  • Did the owner routinely inspect the property or conduct regular maintenance to identify and remove risks?

Standards of Care for Property Owners

A Victoria slip and fall lawyer will examine the specific facts of the incident that led to a client’s injuries to determine whether an owner exercised a reasonable standard of care with respect to his or her property. That lawyer might argue, for example, that the owner:

  • Failed to post clear warnings of known hazards
  • Knew of risks, such as accumulations of debris or ice and snow, but did not take reasonable and timely steps to remove those risks
  • Did not conduct routine inspections and maintenance on the property
  • Erected uneven or steep ramps, stairs, and pathways
  • Failed to provide adequate lighting for nighttime access to the property
  • Did not install adequate handrails and grips on steps and staircases

Common Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

In some cases, a fall will result in nothing more than a few cuts and scrapes. At the other end of the spectrum, a slip and fall accident can send someone to a hospital emergency room for treatment of sprains and broken bones, concussions, spinal injuries, or deep cuts and gashes.

Statistics reveal that persons injured in slip and fall accidents are hospitalized for an average of two weeks while they recover from their injuries. That recovery often continues for several months afterwards, requiring an injured party to miss work and to incur substantial medical and rehabilitation costs. During those times, it may benefit the injured party to work with a qualified slip and fall lawyer to recover monetary compensation to cover those costs.

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