Vernon Slip and Fall Lawyer

Vernon is several hundred kilometres removed from Vancouver’s urban environment, but that distance does not insulate Vernon’s residents and visitors from the type of slip and fall accidents and resulting injuries that are common in larger cities.

Recovering the largest possible compensation for those injuries is a function of retaining the right slip and fall law firm that has the knowledge and experience to establish responsibility for an accident. The Vernon slip and fall lawyers at Preszler Law understand the standards of care that property owners owe to individuals who visit their premises. Our lawyers represent Vernon’s residents in negligence lawsuits, including slip and fall accident cases where a property owner or manager has failed to comply with applicable standards of care.

Recovering Compensation After a Vernon Slip and Fall Accident

For a lawsuit to be successful, a slip and fall lawyer will need to describe all of the facts and circumstances that led up to an accident and any resulting injuries. An injured party can improve his or her opportunity to recover substantial damages by capturing as many of those facts as possible. For example:

  • Take photographs of any uneven surfaces, debris, ice and snow, or other obstacles that might have caused the slip and fall
  • Note the time of day and weather conditions
  • Get contact information from any witnesses who saw the slip and fall accident
  • Note whether any outdoor lighting was in good operating condition and whether lights were configured to fully illuminate all walking surfaces
  • Get prompt medical attention for any injuries, regardless of how minor, and follow all recommendations from treating physicians
  • Keep records of all costs and expenses
  • Gather evidence of lost income from time away from work to recover from injuries

Retaining a Vernon Slip and Fall lawyer

A Vernon slip and fall lawyer can help an injured party to negotiate with property owners and their insurance companies to recover compensation for all losses associated with their injuries. An insurer will often try to settle a slip and fall matter quickly, without considering the costs and expenses that a party will face in the weeks or months following an accident. Insurers might also argue that an injured person is partially or fully at fault for his or her injuries.

A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer will review any settlement offers and verify that an injured person is not forfeiting any right to collect additional damages. That lawyer will also handle all communications with insurance companies to prevent those companies from arguing that an injured person’s actions caused or contributed to an accident.

Applying the Occupiers Liability Act and the Limitations Act

The Occupiers Liability Act defines the standards of care that landowners and property managers owe to guests on their property. The Limitations Act establishes strict deadlines for injured parties to file lawsuits. In some cases, an injury might not manifest itself until several months or even years after a slip and fall accident. If an injured party delays in filing a lawsuit, he or she can lose all right to recover compensation.

Further, the limitations deadlines to file lawsuits against government entities are substantially shorter than for filing lawsuits against private parties. In every case, an injured person’s best course of action is to retain a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. That lawyer can then verify that an injured party’s right to recover damages is not being forfeited as a result of a delayed filing.

Contact Preszler Law for a Complimentary Consultation

Your initial consultation with a Vernon slip and fall lawyer at Preszler Law is always complimentary. We will provide a free initial assessment of your case and your opportunity to recover compensation for the full amount of your losses.

We serve the residents of Vernon and its surrounding communities out of our Kelowna offices at 1631 Dickson Avenue. Please call us directly to speak with a Vernon slip and fall lawyer who can help you recover the monetary damages you deserve.

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