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After seeking medical attention following a slip and fall injury, making a phone call to a Delta slip and fall law firm may be the next thought on your mind. With mounting medical bills and concerns about your future, it’s within your legal rights to pursue a civil remedy. Slip and fall lawsuits hold negligent individuals responsible for the reckless or negligent behaviour that caused or contributed to your injury.

Preszler Law is committed to providing personalized service to assist in your physical, mental, and emotional recovery in every way possible. We strive to recover maximum monetary compensation on your behalf. We offer no-cost initial consultations about your case, and you owe us no fees unless we obtain damages for you from a settlement or verdict.

What to Do If You’ve Fallen On Someone Else’s Property

Obtaining immediate medical care should be your top concern, but if possible, our Delta personal injury lawyers recommend that either you, a loved one or a friend:

  • Take photos of the accident scene and hazard.
  • Get names and contact info for all witnesses.
  • Take photos of your physical injuries.
  • Keep copies of all diagnostic images, medical summaries, and bills together in one folder.
  • If you were working at the time, add a copy of your most recent pay stub to your file.
  • Contact a lawyer right away, even if you’re not 100% sure what happened. We conduct investigations!

Limitation Periods for Civil Personal Injury Lawsuits in British Columbia

There is a general limitations period and exceptions to the rule, depending on the circumstances of your case.

  • Most accident victims will have up to two years to file a slip and fall claim.
  • If you’re suing a government entity, you must initiate a claim within two months a file suit within six.
  • If you’re a minor, you have up to two years after your 19th birthday to file on your own behalf.
  • Legal guardians may also file on behalf of a minor under age 19 within two years of the initial accident.
  • In rare circumstances, plaintiffs can have from two to 15 years to file a “delayed discovery” claim.

B.C. laws can be confusing, so it’s best to contact a slip and fall lawyer before ruling anything out.

Factors That Determine What A Slip and Fall Claim Is Worth

Many factors go into estimating damages. In coming up with what we consider a “fair” offer, we look at: 

  • What type of injuries do you have? How severe are they? How long will the injuries affect you?
  • How much do your injuries affect your mobility, daily activities, work life, relationships, and hobbies?
  • How much income will you lose over a lifetime due to your injuries?
  • Are you able to keep up with your housekeeping duties?
  • What out-of-pocket expenses do you need now and in the future?
  • Who is at fault for the accident? How much access to capital do they have?

Some calculations are simply added up, such as your total medical bills and lost wages. Some calculations on “future medical bills and lost wages” must be estimated. The maximum award for intangible “pain and suffering” is capped at $360,000. If you are deemed partially at fault for the accident, you will receive a reduced portion of the total amount granted.

You Can Afford Top Legal Representation in Delta

Preszler Law proudly serves Greater Vancouver, including the Delta communities of Ladner, Tsawwassen, and North Delta. Due to the diverse populations found in this neighbourly part of British Columbia, our team can communicate fluently with you in numerous languages, including English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

We work on a contingency basis, which means we pay all the upfront costs associated with legal representation and only accept payment for our work upon a successful case resolution. Contact a slip and fall lawyer at Preszler Law for your free consultation.

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