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The Preszler Law Firm has provided staunch advocacy for slip and fall accident victims since 1959. Icy sidewalks, loose carpeting, uneven flooring, and spilled liquids routinely place visitors in harm’s way. If you fell and were hurt on another person’s property, be it a parking lot, an office building, or an apartment staircase, you may qualify for legal compensation.

There are many factors that will substantiate a claim for damages – issues that are best determined by a knowledgeable Coquitlam slip and fall lawyer. Whether you live in Austin Heights or Coquitlam Town Centre, you can count on Preszler Law for effective representation.

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British Columbia law states that all property owners and occupiers must ensure their premises are in a reasonably safe condition for guests and visitors. This is spelled out in the Occupiers Liability Act – a statute that details the duty of care owed by those who occupy property through lease or ownership.

Let’s say you are at the Henderson Place Mall, where one of the shopkeepers has left some debris in the aisle, causing you to trip and sprain an ankle. Does this mean you can sue for damages? An occupier’s duty of care is extensive, but not absolute. In other words, the owner or occupier isn’t required to remove every possibility of danger. If the shop owner can prove they had a reasonable system of inspection and maintenance in place, they may be able to avoid liability.

As you can see, pursuing a claim for slip and fall injuries isn’t cut and dry. Litigation experience matters, and the slip and fall law firm you select can make a world of difference.

Preszler Injury Lawyers are well-versed in all nuances of the Occupiers Liability Act and can help you pursue justice in the event of a serious personal injury. Potential defendants can include landlords, hotels, retailers, restaurants, nightclubs and even municipalities.

Slip and fall accidents at a friend or relative’s home

What if the slip, trip, or fall occurs at a friend’s home, or even worse, that of a family member? No one wants to file a claim against a loved one and create unnecessary strife or conflict. Our Coquitlam slip and fall lawyers can handle the matter discreetly and professionally directly with the owner’s insurance company, as their homeowner’s policy would pay for your medical expenses and related damages. In this way, you can still obtain the financial benefits you need to recover, without undermining the stability of personal relationships.

Time limits for filing an injury claim

There are time limits to file a claim for slip and fall injuries in Coquitlam. Generally speaking, the sooner you retain competent legal counsel, the better your chances are of achieving a favourable result. The legal team at Preszler Law Firm prides itself on being attentive, resourceful, dedicated, and compassionate.

We keep our clients fully informed throughout the legal process, and fight hard to maximize your legal recovery.

To speak to a courteous slip and fall lawyer about your case, call Preszler Injury Lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation.