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Given the unprotected nature of riding a motorcycle, riders often sustain severe, if not fatal, injuries when they are involved in an accident. There are simply no built-in safety features like seatbelts, airbags, and crash-resistant frames on bikes to shield the riders’ bodies. Of the 2,200 motorcycle accidents in British Columbia each year (from 2009 and 2014), nearly 70 percent result in substantial injuries, according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

If you or your loved one were hurt in a recent motorcycle crash, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Kelowna at Preszler Law can help with your claim and other legal needs. We have a long history of helping injured riders recover compensation for their injuries.

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Am I entitled to compensation after a motorcycle accident?

Your Basic Auto Plan covers motorcycle accidents. Your no-fault benefits, also referred to as Part 7 Benefits, will cover some of your expenses after the accident, such as medical bills and loss of income related to your injuries.

Applying for and receiving Part 7 benefits is supposed to be a straightforward process, but unfortunately, ICBC sometimes unfairly delays or denies benefits.

Preszler Law advocates on behalf of injured riders; we adamantly protect our clients’ rights to compensation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Kelowna are well qualified to handle all types of ICBC claims. We will launch an investigation into your case and discuss your injuries with financial and medical experts to ensure that your award accounts for the totality of your current and future losses.

Can I sue the driver for causing my motorcycle accident?

If another party caused your accident, you may file a negligence claim and recover a wider range of damages. The only caveat to a negligence claim is that you will need to prove that the other driver was at fault for your accident.

There are various circumstances in which you may be able to attribute fault to the other driver. Below are a few examples:

  • Not paying attention to the road (e.g., texting while driving, reaching for something in the backseat, etc.).
  • Not carefully scanning surroundings before making a maneuver like changing lanes or turning.
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions.
  • Running a stop sign or making a turn without signaling.
  • Driving under the influence.

What if I was partly at fault for the accident?

You may still be entitled to compensation from a negligence claim even if you were partly at fault for the accident. The British Columbia Negligence Act provides that when an injured person is partly at fault for the accident, she can still recover a portion of her damages, although her degree of fault will reduce the award in a proportionate amount.

Consider this example: A driver strikes a motorcycle rider while changing lanes. An investigation finds the rider 25 percent liable for speeding, and the driver 75 percent liable for changing lanes rapidly without carefully looking and without using turn signals. Because the motorcycle rider was contributorily negligent by 25 percent, she will only be eligible to receive 75 percent of her total losses.

Establishing fault and liability is a major factor in the amount of compensation you can receive, so it is a good idea to have a lawyer help you with these aspects of your case. Our team regularly works with accident reconstructionists and other experts to determine the exact cause of accidents.

What types of damages and benefits can I obtain?

There are various types of losses for which you might be able to collect reimbursement. Below are just a few:

Why should I hire a Kelowna motorcycle accident lawyer?

Having a lawyer assist you with your motorcycle accident case can be beneficial to your claim. A lawyer can:

  • Explore your options with you to help you make sound choices about the direction of your case.
  • Gather evidence that substantiates your claim.
  • File any necessary paperwork correctly and on time.
  • Negotiate with the insurer for a higher settlement.
  • Take the case to court and continue advocating on your behalf if she cannot reach a fair out-of-court settlement.

What if I cannot afford a lawyer to help with my motorcycle accident case?

We believe that every injured BC resident should have the opportunity to recover compensation for their injuries. That is why Preszler Law provides free consultations and a contingency pay policy. This means you have zero upfront expenses when you retain us, and we will not charge you unless we win your case. You can get the legal counsel you need without having to worry about fees.

Call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Kelowna today for your free case evaluation: 1-844-373-8202.

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