What Is the Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP)?

The Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP) is a long term disability plan for members of the Canadian Armed Forces, covering both service and non-service related injuries. It is considered one of the best types of such benefits packages in the world for those serving in the military. Unlike many civilian plans, there is no lack of coverage for participation in riskier recreational activities, such as skydiving or riding motorcycles. Coverage is automatic for those entering military service after April 1, 1982.

The Treasury Board of Canada governs the plan, Manulife insures it, and SISIP Financial is the plan administrator.

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Service Income Security Insurance Plan

The SISIP’s group insurance long term disability plan covers members of the armed forces, whether they leave the service due to medical issues or theirs is a voluntary departure. Those on long term disability may also take advantage of the SISIP’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program for training in new civilian job opportunities. The SISIP also includes:

Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan –Members of the armed forces suffering accidental dismemberment due to military service and occurring because of “accidental, external and violent means” may receive a lump sum payment. The dismemberment must have happened within one year of the injury and must be due solely to the injury.

Other insurance options offered by the SISIP include:

  • Spousal disability plan
  • Survivor income benefit
  • Dependent life insurance
  • Insurance for released members
  • Military post-retirement life insurance plans

Other benefits offered by the SISIP include:

  • Financial counselling services
  • Financial management education
  • Financial planning services

Premium Changes

Until July 2018, the Canadian government paid 95.5 percent of SISIP premiums for long term disability for those serving in the regular forces, and all of the premium for those in the reserve forces. However, due to increasing costs and claims, coupled with very low interest rates, the government was forced to pass on increasing costs to service members. While those suffering from injuries or illnesses related to their service still have all of their premiums paid, non-service related injuries or illnesses premiums for those in the regular forces are now covered at only 85 percent. The 15 percent of premiums paid by regular force members equate to 0.356 percent of an individual’s monthly salary.

Current SISIP Benefits

For those in the regular forces, the current long term disability benefits under SISIP consist of 75 percent of salary, although other income, such as funds from employment, Canadian Pension Plan, or Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (CFSA) benefits, are applied to equate to the 75 percent military salary.

Those in the Class C Reserve Force receive benefits under the same terms as regular force members, but benefits differ for those in the Primary Reserve Force in Class A and B. These individuals, if in service for 180 days or less, receive 75 percent of the basic monthly salary of $2,700 in long term disability benefits, unless they have purchased additional coverage. If Class B members of the Primary Reserve Force are in service for more than 180 days, the long term disability benefits are 75 percent of the current monthly salary. Other relevant sources of income will affect these amounts.

The Appeals Process

If SISIP long term disability benefits were denied, a long term disability lawyer can help you with the appeals process. A first-level appeal requires submission within one year of the denial. Manulife will notify the appellant of the specific documentation required for this appeal. If the first appeal is denied, a second level appeal requires submission within 30 days of the denial.

Contact a Vancouver Long Term Disability Lawyer

If you or a loved one served in the Canadian Armed Forces and your SISIP claim has been denied, a long-term disability lawyer at our firm can assist you. We offer a complimentary consultation, so call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Since these claims have strict time limits, it is critical to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. Since we work on a contingency basis, there is no fee unless we win.

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