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Your wise decision in purchasing disability insurance, or having it through your job, may seem like it was all for nothing now that your insurance provider has denied your benefits or kicked you off the benefits too early. Most of us do not plan on being injured, and not all of us have a large savings account to pull from when we get injured and can not work for a period of weeks or months. In fact, over half of Canadians only have $10,000 or less in emergency savings, while 24% of Canadians have no emergency funds at all, according to Statistics Canada. Disability insurance is supposed to cover your bills when you get injured, such as mortgage or rent payments, food, and gas. When disability insurance works correctly, it pays between 60% and 85% of your normal income for short-term disability, and 60% to 70% of your income for long-term disability. When it does not work correctly, as in your insurance provider denies coverage for some reason, it adds a massive headache to an already troubling problem of being injured and out of work. A Victoria lawyer can help remedy this problem.

What a Victoria Disability Lawyer can do for You

Insurance companies each have a dominant goal in mind – to make money. This can come at the expense of their own customers, who have diligently paid their premiums or performed their occupational duties (if insurance was provided through an employer) and now are being left to fend financially for themselves. A Victoria disability insurance lawyer can help you by working with your insurance company to come to a solution, or by applying legal pressure to force their hand when they are in the wrong. Insurance companies all have different terms when it comes to being disabled, and they may try to weasel out of their responsibility to pay your benefits by arguing that your injury or illness does not fall under their categorization of disabled.

Our disability lawyers understand how to decipher the fine print in each and every insurance policy, and will make sure that your insurance provider is held responsible for benefits. We work with physicians to properly diagnose your disability, and gather all necessary evidence and paperwork to ensure that your disability benefits are not terminated early or denied outright from the beginning.

Common Injuries and Illnesses that Result in Disability

People get injured in all types of ways. From slipping down a walkway step to being involved in a traffic collision, disability insurance is there to provide us a financial boost when work wages stagnate due to these injuries. Common causes for temporary to long-term disability include the following injuries and illnesses:

Your Canadian Pension Plan Denial for Long Term Disability Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a form of disability payment that qualified individuals, who have paid enough contributions to the program, are entitled to when they become disabled. According to the Government of Canada, disabilities need to both by severe and prolonged. A severe injury is one that renders you either physically or mentally unable to work regularly in substantial gainful employment. Prolonged means that the long-term condition is expected to be permanent or end in death.

If you are denied private disability benefits it is important to apply for CPP disability benefits to ensure you have some money coming in while we work to dispute your denial with your insurance company.

Reach Out to a Victoria Disability Lawyer Today at No Cost

If you were injured or became ill, your disability insurance should kick in to cover most of your regular wages or salary for a short to long period of time. If your insurance provider has denied your claim or stopped your benefits before they should have, you need a lawyer to fight back. Whether you are insured through a group plan or as an individual, there are many legal steps to take before you concede this fight, and the Victoria disability lawyers of the Preszler Law Firm can help you come to a beneficial solution faster than you think. We urge you to give our Victoria law offices a call today at 1-844-373-8202.

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