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Disability insurance is a great safety net for anyone, whether his or her occupation and hobbies are relatively safe or border on extreme. After all, a traffic wreck may just be around the next bend, and an undiagnosed illness can pop up at any time. When you get injured or sick, your disability insurance benefits kick in to provide a monthly income, typically 60% to 85% of your normal income for short-term disability, and 60% to 70% of your normal income for long-term disability, according to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. This crucial income will help you continue to pay rent or your mortgage, buy groceries, and continue paying for your everyday needs. Unfortunately, it is not always as simple as calling up your insurance carrier and letting them know to send the check and how much to make it out for. Like all insurance companies, your insurance provider is focused first on making a profit, and in order to make a profit, it denies claims every day. Many of these claims are valid, and should not be denied. However, they are denied all the same, leaving injured or ill people to scrape into their savings, if they have any. But a Vernon disability lawyer can help.

How a Vernon Disability Lawyer can Help Your Case

Whether you were denied benefits or were prematurely kicked off of the disability benefits that you rely on, a Vernon disability lawyer can help take away some of the worry, frustration, and confusion that you are almost certainly dealing with. Communicating with an insurance company is stressful, and understanding your policy and their reasons for denial will give almost anyone without a law background an immediate headache. A lawyer will handle all aspects in terms of dealing with your insurance company. A disability lawyer will also meticulously read through your policy and all of the fine print that applies. All insurance companies and policies have different terminology for “disabled,” and you need to make sure that your disability falls under a covered condition. Fully understanding a policy is no easy task, and requires careful examination. Furthermore, you need to have a firm grasp on what your obligations are to your insurance company, as well as what its obligations are to you. The more boxes you check on your end of the deal, the higher the likelihood of receiving a positive outcome. A lawyer will help you understand the policy, collect evidence in your favor, and work with your doctor to get the full scope of your disabling condition.

Statute of Limitations for Filing a Claim

Your time limit to file a claim against your insurance company is not open ended. There are many strict deadlines in place, and if you miss the statute of limitations, you will not be able to collect any benefits from your insurance provider even if is clear that it should have provided benefits in the first place. A lawyer will ensure that you meet all deadlines and file all necessary paperwork properly and on time.

Who Suffers From Disabilities, and What is a Disability?

13.7% of Canadians suffer from one or more types of disabilities, according to Statistics Canada. The older we get, the higher our chances are of suffering from a disability. The most common disabilities and their corresponding prevalence among the population include the following:

  • Pain: 9.7%;
  • Flexibility: 7.6%;
  • Mobility: 7.2%;
  • Mental or Psychological: 3.9%;
  • Dexterity: 3.5%;
  • Hearing: 3.2%; and,
  • Seeing: 2.7%.

However, your insurance policy may not categorize you as “disabled” simply for having pain. The policy may specify that the pain needs to be so great as to render you incapable of performing your job. Similarly, a hearing disability may not affect your ability to perform quality work in your current occupation, or that may at least be the argument that your insurance company comes up with. A lawyer will get to the bottom of what is and what is not covered.

Reach Out to a Vernon Disability Lawyer Today at No Cost

Either through your group plan at work or your personal disability plan that you pay for through your monthly premiums, it is simply not right when an insurance company puts profits before injured or ill people. The Preszler Law Firm will hold your insurance company responsible for the benefits that you have rightfully earned. Call us today at 1-844-373-8202 to set up a free initial consultation.

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