Prince George Long-Term Disability Lawyer

We have all had to miss a day of work now and again due to illness or injury. Sometimes you are not able to bounce back so quickly from a more serious health condition. If you are suffering from an illness or accident that leaves you unable to return to your previous job, you may be eligible for benefits under your long-term disability insurance policy.

Disability insurance typically replaces most, though not all, of your regular income if you are temporarily unable to work or are permanently disabled due to a qualifying illness or injury. Note that a “permanent” disability does not mean that you will receive benefits indefinitely. In this context, permanent disability simply refers to the the fact your medical condition is not expected to improve with further treatment. In practice, every disability insurance policy specifies a limited term and maximum benefit.

Even with these limits, however, many disability insurers are quick to deny a claim for long-term benefits. Insurers know the numbers are on their side. Most policyholders never bother to challenge a denial. Only a small fraction of those who do actually hire an experienced Prince George disability lawyer to assist them. Having a lawyer on your side is often the best way to get the insurance company to settle a claim in your favour.

At the Preszler Law Firm, we can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled under your long-term disability policy. This includes not only negotiating directly with the insurance company on your behalf, but also gathering any medical evidence to support your claim. Our lawyers pride themselves on providing outstanding client service, so we will always keep you up-to-date on the status of your case and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny My Claim for Disability Benefits?

At the end of the day, an insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the insured. But there is nothing simple about most insurance contracts. They are often filled with complicated terminology invoking legal concepts that the average person does not comprehend. Most of us never “negotiate” an insurance contract; we simply pay our premiums and expect the insurer to cover us if something happens.

Insurance companies are not in business to blindly pay out claims. They make money by paying out as little as possible. To accomplish this goal, they will attempt to hold the policyholder to as strict an interpretation of the contract as possible. Every word in a disability insurance policy has a specific meaning that must be understood.

We understand. We deal with insurance companies every day. We know every trick and loophole the insurer will try to invoke in denying coverage. Some of the more common grounds for denial that we come across include:

  • Your medical condition does not constitute a “disability” as defined in the policy.
  • There is insufficient medical evidence to prove you sustained a covered injury or illness.
  • You have a pre-existing condition as defined by the policy.
  • You did not file your claim with the insurer within the specified time limits.

Just because the insurer says your condition is not covered, that does not make it true. At the Preszler Law Firm, we know better. We regularly win disability lawsuits for our clients. We can help you appeal an initial denial. More importantly, we will compile all of the necessary evidence to prove you qualify for coverage, including sending you to some of BC’s best doctors for opinions, and negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement.

Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Consultation With Our Prince George Disability Lawyers Today

If you have been unable to work for some time due to your disability, you may be understandably reluctant to engage a Prince George disability lawyer because you fear the possible expense of legal action. We understand these fears and hope to put them to rest. At Preszler Law Firm, we never charge our disability clients any upfront fees or costs. Our practice operates exclusively on a contingency basis. This means that we do not ask for any payment until we recover disability benefits on your behalf, either through a negotiated settlement with the insurance company or, when absolutely necessary, via litigation.

We also do not charge any potential client for an initial consultation. Please feel free to call Preszler Law Firm at 1-844-373-8202 today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified disability lawyers. There is no cost and no obligation when you meet with us. We simply want to learn more about your situation and how we can best help you in recovering disability benefits.

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