What Is the Average Payout for a Rear End Collision?

Compared to other types of accidents like head-on collisions, a rear-ender might seem minor. Although many rear-end collisions amount to little more than a fender bender, some rear-end crashes have significant consequences.

Rear-end collisions are often severe. When these crashes occur at high speed, they could result in serious injuries, steep medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. If you have been involved with a rear-end crash, a consultation with a qualified car accident lawyer might be in order.

At your free consultation, a lawyer at our firm can advise you on the potential compensation you might receive from ICBC. Below, we will review what to expect from these claims in general. Every case is different, though. For a careful evaluation of your claim, contact ICBC law firm Preszler Injury Lawyers.

Available damages

The specific damages available in your claim will depend on your losses in the accident. Each type of damage that occurs has limits set by the ICBC, so the total compensation could vary dramatically between claims. These damages and their limits include:

  • Medical costs. One of the most common types of compensation sought in an ICBC claim involves medical bills. This includes everything from emergency surgery to follow-up care. The maximum compensation for medical costs is capped at $150,000.
  • Homemaker benefits. If you are a homemaker, the ICBC could compensate you for your inability to perform your duties in the home. A claim could pay as much as $145 per week for household help until you are able to take over those duties.
  • Lost wages. Much like with homemaker benefits, ICBC claims compensate injured workers for their missed paychecks. The cap on these damages is 75 percent of your weekly wage, minus other disability payments you obtain.
  • Funeral costs. The cost of funerals and burials is also included. This benefit will pay no more than $2,500. Death benefits are also available based on the deceased person’s wage prior to their death.
  • Collision coverage. If you have this type of comprehensive policy, it could pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

There are other types of compensation that are not covered under these claims. Thankfully, Preszler Injury Lawyers could assist you in obtaining compensation for these damages from the at-fault driver. They include compensation for future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and your future lost wages.

The factors ICBC considers

The figures above are the caps on benefits, but ICBC is never obligated to offer the maximum. In many cases, the compensation offered by ICBC is substantially lower. There are a few important factors the adjuster relies on when making their determination.

The first factor reviewed by the adjuster is fault. You could recover compensation from a claim even if you are at fault in the accident, but the amount available might be less. Additionally, you could not seek a tort claim if you are at fault for the crash.

You will also only recover damages for injuries you are covered for. Certain types of policies, like collision insurance, are not mandatory. If you do not have collision coverage, ICBC will not pay out those damages on your claim.

Since these claims cover pecuniary losses, the total amount of actual damages you incur will play an important role in your claim. The claim adjuster will require evidence for every loss you claim. For example, if you can only provide $50,000 worth of medical bills, the adjuster will not agree to pay out more even though the limit is much higher.

Disputing the offer from ICBC

Ultimately, ICBC will review your claim and offer an amount of money based on your losses. They might imply that this offer is not up for debate, but it is. If you disagree with the amount offered, Preszler Injury Lawyers could negotiate with the ICBC adjuster to bring in a better offer. If that does not work, litigation could be a viable next option. To ensure your claim is protected under the law, contact Preszler Injury Lawyers right away to schedule a free consultation.

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