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As British Columbia’s third-largest city, Surrey has to deal with a great deal of traffic, and that means a large number of car accidents, as well. Overall, there is an average of 190,000 car crashes reported in the Lower Mainland of BC, including Surrey, based on accidents reported to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). If you are involved in one of those accidents, you will likely have to deal with ICBC, as it is the province’s monopoly insurer for basic auto coverage.

Many part 7 (i.e., “no-fault”) claims are quickly addressed by ICBC. In more complex cases, such as those involving serious physical injuries or liability on the part of another driver or third-party, victims can quickly realize that ICBC is not always on their side. You may be paying premiums to ICBC, but at the end of the day, they can delay your claim and may not pay for benefits you are rightfully owed by law.

This is why your first call following a car accident should be to a qualified Surrey ICBC lawyer. At Preszler Law Firm, we exclusively represent accident victims who are seeking damages from ICBC and third-party tortfeasors. We never act for ICBC. We can negotiate with ICBC adjusters and supervisors on your behalf to obtain a fair settlement for your injuries and property damage. We can also send you for medical assessments with some of BC’s best doctors to learn the full extent of your injuries. If necessary, we can bring litigation in the BC Supreme Court against ICBC and any other party that owes you money as the result of an accident, though actually attending a trial is quite rare.

Fully Investigating Your Accident and Injuries

Anyone who has driven for any length of time understands the risks of the road. Even if you always practice safe driving and obey all provincial and municipal traffic laws, you cannot control the behaviour of other drivers. Many accidents are the result of simple negligence–e.g., a driver not looking before entering an intersection–but sometimes there is a deeper underlying cause, such as a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs, that requires a more thorough investigation.

The problem is, you cannot always trust ICBC to conduct such an investigation. An insurance company handles thousands of accident claims each year. Adjusters are trained to resolve a claim with all deliberate speed. Oftentimes, that means pushing an accident victim who is still shaken up from the event to sign a statement absolving the other driver of liability. Many victims fall prey to these tactics because they believe it is better to get paid something now than to “hold out” for more money.

There is nothing wrong with demanding compensation for the full amount of your damages. At Preszler Law Firm, we find that in too many cases, victims are short-sighted when it comes to their own injuries. For example, if you suffered a traumatic brain injury–i.e., a concussion–in a rear-end accident, you may not present with many symptoms immediately. So, if you agree to an ICBC settlement within the first 48 hours following your accident, you are likely signing away your right to seek compensation for any future medical expenses and lost income arising from your traumatic brain injury. Your concern should not be the first few months after an accident bu “how will I feel 10 years from now?”

The most important advice we give our clients is that you need to gather all of the facts before settling an ICBC claim. This includes promptly seeking medical attention following your accident and fully documenting your injuries. It also means identifying all of the witnesses and parties who may have information regarding your accident. Once again, ICBC adjusters will often fail to conduct a proper inquiry, leaving it to you and your lawyer to do the heavy lifting.

Some of the questions we can help you answer at Preszler Law Firm when it comes to your accident include:

  • What was the actual cause of the accident? Was the other driver speeding, driving too fast for conditions, driving under the influence, or otherwise distracted?
  • Were there other parties whose negligence contributed to the accident? For instance, did the other driver’s car fail due to a faulty repair or part? Did another vehicle or pedestrian set off a chain reaction that led to your injuries?
  • If you were injured by an unknown driver–aka a “hit and run”–or struck while walking or riding a bicycle, what benefits are you entitled to under your ICBC policy?

It Costs You Nothing to Speak With a Surrey ICBC Lawyer

Another question you probably have is, how much will it costs me to hire a Surrey ICBC lawyer? The answer is nothing. At Preszler Law Firm, we never charge our clients upfront costs or fees. We work exclusively on a contingency basis, meaning our compensation comes out of any settlement or lawsuit judgment in your favor. If you recover nothing, we recover nothing.

This means that you risk nothing by calling us at 1-844-373-8202 to schedule an initial appointment. Keep in mind, the sooner you speak with us, the sooner we can get to work helping you deal with ICBC and the money you are entitled to under the law. Contact us today.

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