Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Burnaby

Each week, an average of more than 25 cyclists suffer injuries in British Columbia in roadway accidents involving a motor vehicle, according to the ICBC. While compensation is available in most instances, many injured cyclists are largely unaware of the rights and the benefits available to them.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, you should consider meeting with an experienced lawyer who can help you determine your options for financial recovery. Since 1959, our firm’s focus has been on personal injury law and fighting for the rights of accident victims and their families to receive full and fair compensation after the negligence of another caused them to suffer harm. Contact us today at 844-373-8202 to learn how we can help you. Your initial consultation is free.

How do bicycle accident claims work in Burnaby?

Part 7 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation, commonly referred to as Accident Benefits, typically covers injuries to bicyclists. When a car strikes you, you can file a claim with the ICBC and obtain compensation for your medical expenses and loss of wages, amongst other benefits.

If you own a car and carry a Basic Auto Plan or live with someone who does, you may find coverage under Accident Benefits for your bicycle accident. If neither of these situations applies to you, but you collide with a driver who has a Basic Auto Plan, you will have coverage.

Of course, if your accident occurred as a result of outside factors, such as a defective wheel or poorly designed roads, then you may be able to pursue a negligence claim against the responsible party. It is best to meet with one of our bicycle accident lawyers in Burnaby to determine your legal options.

Can’t I handle my bicycle accident claim on my own?

While you are not required by law to retain a lawyer, you should be aware that claimants who are represented by lawyers almost always settle for substantially higher amounts than if they were to file on their own. As unfortunate as it is, the truth is, claims are not always processed as fairly, quickly, or smoothly as injured victims would like. Many cyclists who suffer injuries in traffic accidents, such as Gloria Cardinal who was “doored” by a car in Vancouver, feel claims are not always handled justly by the ICBC.

Hiring a lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected and give you a much better chance at winning a full and fair settlement. Gloria, for instance, hired a lawyer and received at least twice if not more than what she would have received had she filed the claim on her own. Her settlement “was enough to pay off debts and give her a financial cushion to move to the U.S.,” reports the Vancouver Sun.

What types of damages are available to me?

If the insurance coverage is available, you may be able to recover all of your injury-related damages by filing a personal injury claim including:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income (Temporary Total Disability benefits of up to $300.00/week)
  • Pain and suffering (psychological problems, lost quality of life, etc.)
  • Homemaking assistance (up to $145.00/week)
  • Funeral expenses and survivors’ benefits

However, the insurance company is not in business to pay claims in full. An adjuster may attempt to deny your claim or get you to make damaging statements about your accident to settle your claim for as little as possible. The adjuster may even suggest that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary and that s/he will be fair in calculating your claim’s worth.

While some bicycle accident cases in which there were minor injuries can be settled successfully without a lawyer, those involving serious or fatal injuries should be handled by trained professionals who know how to assess the value of a claim. This experience will ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

What should I look for in a lawyer for my bicycle accident case?

Having the right lawyer can make or break your case, particularly when your injuries are serious, and there is a lot of money at stake. Therefore, it is important to do your due diligence when searching for a lawyer.

Some of the most important qualities to look for in a lawyer include the following:

  • Well respected in your area and the legal community.
  • Experience handling, not just injury claims, but specifically bicycle accident claims in Burnaby.
  • A solid history of successful cases similar to yours
  • An obvious fervor and aptitude for his/her job with a sincere concern for you and a desire to help you get the compensation you need.
  • Clarity and honesty about fees and payment policies.

Speak with a bicycle accident lawyer in Burnaby for Free

The bicycle accident lawyers at the Preszler Law Firm possess all of the characteristics listed above. We believe our extensive background in accident claims and our heartfelt passion for helping injured people in British Columbia makes us an asset to your case.

And our fee policy is simple. You do not pay unless we win your case. Period. Your initial consultation is free of charge, as well, and you are never under any obligation to retain our services. Call Preszler Law today to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer in Burnaby about your case: 844-373-8202.

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