Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Lawyers

With the ubiquity of mobile phones and GPS devices, car and truck drivers these days are more distracted than ever. Not only can a driver who is distracted cause a major accident with another vehicle, but they can unknowingly drift into the bike lane, seriously or fatally injuring the bicyclist.

More than 90 percent of the time, the accident is not the cyclist’s fault. A Cycling Safety Report presented to the Vancouver city council in 2015 looked at 3,000 collisions from 2007 to 2012. It found that the driver was at fault in 93 percent of the cases where they could determine who had right of way.

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident caused by a motorist, you could be entitled to compensation. Preszler Law in Vancouver can protect your right to seek financial recovery from ICBC.

What are some common causes of bicycle accidents?

  • Impact with a car door: Have you been hit by a car door? Motor Vehicle Act Section 203 prohibits automobile drivers from opening a car door on the side of moving traffic if this action isn’t safe. In addition, doors cannot be left open for a period of time above and beyond what is needed to load and unload passengers. If drivers fail to obey this law, serious injury to a bicyclist can occur.
  • Crossing into the path of a cyclist: Bicycle accidents often occur when a car crosses into the path of a bicycle rider. Motor Vehicle Act Sections 159 and 160 prohibit drivers from passing on the left if it is not safe. Drivers must have a clear view upon passing. Failure to obey this law can result in a serious car/bicycle accident.

Other causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Collision at a crosswalk
  • Failure of a motor vehicle operator to obey traffic signals
  • Distracted driving
  • Inappropriate following distance on the part of a motor vehicle operator

Can I still file a claim if the driver who crashed into me left the scene or doesn’t have insurance?

At Preszler Law in Vancouver, we can help you to determine whether you’re covered if you’re involved in a hit and run collision with a motorist. ICBC has special coverage for people injured in hit and run accidents. But you need to report the accident and take investigative steps quickly or your claim may be barred.

In addition, investigate your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers bicycle accidents. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance does cover this.

What if I was injured because of a defect in the road?

You may be able to sue the government for a defect in the road. However, this can be tricky. Government liability claims have requirements that may be unique compared to other personal injury claims. You need to act quickly.

So if negligent construction or maintenance produced a hazard in the road that caused your accident, talk to Preszler Law in Vancouver to discuss liability and for assistance pursuing compensation.

How can a Vancouver bicycle accident lawyer help me?

When it comes to bicycle accidents, a number of things can happen. The driver of the car can embellish the facts of the event or may have a different recollection of how it occurred. And in many cases, insurance companies attempt to settle cases by paying the minimum amount possible to cyclists.

You need an experienced lawyer on your side as quickly as possible. For nearly 60 years, Preszler Law’s professional and experienced personal injury lawyers have been helping bicycle accident victims recover the compensation they deserve. We can launch an immediate investigation designed to prove the facts surrounding your accident. Our goal is to present your case in the strongest legal capacity to the insurance company for maximum compensation.

What is my case worth?

Your award is based on the facts of your case. When valuing your case, we will examine all of your bills, expenses, injuries and losses, as well as any noneconomic effects of your injuries.

Some of the damages you may recover include:

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of housekeeping capacity
  • Pain and suffering

What if I can’t afford to hire a lawyer? Will you still take my case?

At Preszler Law, you come first. We do not charge our clients a fee until and unless we win their case. We invite you to call us at 1-844-373-8202 today to schedule a free, initial consultation. During this meeting, you will receive our legal opinion about your case, but you are under no obligation to hire us. We want you to have a better understanding of the claims process and what you may be up against.

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