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The public relies on manufacturers to make intelligent decisions based on safety in design and manufacturing. However, the for-profit motive poses an obvious conflict of interest. From defective airbags to nightmarish pelvic mesh, there are so many high-profile product defect lawsuits. But a case needn’t be large in scope or sensational for an individual plaintiff to receive compensation.

Tens of thousands of individual product liability lawsuits are filed by victims and families seeking justice. When Victoria residents need a product liability lawyer, many of them contact us– a firm with more than 60 years of experience.

Do You Have A Product Liability Claim? 

You might have a viable product liability lawsuit in British Columbia if:

  • You (or a loved one) suffered a horrific accident while using a particular product.
  • You received a medical device or took medication, used it as intended, and suffered injury or illness.
  • It is within two years from the date you became injured or ill or realized the root cause of your issue.

Even if you’re only operating based on a vague suspicion that your suffering was linked to a particular product, it pays to speak with a personal injury lawyer who has done a lot of product liability cases. We can subpoena documents, conduct in-depth interviews, network with other professionals, dig up published research, and investigate on a deeper level to get you the answers– and the justice– you require to move on with life in the wake of serious injury or illness.

Product Defect Categories & Liability 

A reasonable cause of action can be filed based on:

  • Negligence– when the manufacturer failed to exercise reasonable care in the design, production, and marketing of a product.
  • Breach of express or implied warranty– when the manufacturer fails to live up to promises made in manuals, pamphlets, product labelling, or sales pitches.
  • Strict liability– when the manufacturer sells a defective product that was defective when it left the manufacturing facility, thus causing them harm once purchased and used as intended.

Commonly, manufacturers are then sued for manufacturing defects, design defects, or lack of warning.

What Compensation Is Available?

Victoria residents harmed by a product may be entitled to compensation that covers:

  • All related medical expenses
  • Lost wages and lost future earning capacity,
  • The cost of household services and
  • A limited amount of pain and suffering (capped at $375,000 in 2019).

We work closely with doctors to verify the extent of your injuries, while forensic economists can make a case for your future costs. Since a product liability lawyer receives about a third of the total recovery as payment, you can count on your advocate to seek the maximum amount allowed by law on your behalf. 

Contact our Preszler team of Victoria Product Liability Lawyers

We offer free consultations to anyone with questions about product liability lawsuits. In fact, you pay us nothing until we recover compensation for your suffering. As a personal injury firm operating across Canada for over 60 years, we look forward to helping you rebuild your life.

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