Surrey Product Liability Lawyer

A product liability lawyer is a good friend to have if you’ve been harmed through the routine use of a product. Perhaps you ate lettuce tainted with E. Coli at a restaurant, your child choked on a broken piece of a toy, or a personal hygiene product you’ve used for years has caused you to develop a rare form of cancer. Maybe you took a medication that caused serious side effects or had a medical device implanted that did not work as promised. Whatever the case may be, it costs you nothing to speak with a lawyer and thoughtfully consider your next step.  

What Makes Product Liability Different Than Other Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits 

When you hire a product liability lawyer, you’re essentially hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, you want to make sure the law firm has expertise in the former. Many BC personal injury lawyers deal mostly in ICBC claims, workers’ compensation, or premises liability lawsuits. These are different matters entirely. Here’s why: 

  • A product liability case is fraught with complexities. For one, the connection between a product and the manifestation of injury or illness is not always crystal-clear; often, you don’t know you have a product liability case until you catch wind that litigation is brewing. That puts you in a tough position with the two-year limitation period for filing. Your care may require additional paperwork and a strong legal position to explain to a judge why rules for delayed discovery should apply to your claim.
  • Who you’re suing is different. Get ready to go to bat against well-heeled defendants. These defendants have money. With thousands, if not millions, of dollars on the line, you can bet big manufacturers will counterattack with strong counsel.
  • The legal argument is different. Most personal injuries are based on a theory of negligence, where the plaintiff demonstrates how the defendant owed a duty of care that was breached, causing harm. Product liability cases can proceed based on negligence, but it is more common to see strict liability, breach of warranty, or consumer protection claims move forward through the courts. Your legal team will look for evidence of manufacturing defects, design defects, or failure to warn about potential risks associated with the product or its parts.

Get A 100% Free Consultation with our team of Surrey Product Liability Lawyers 

We provide every prospective client with a free consultation and case review. We’ll ask you a few basic questions while exploring the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Should you decide we’re a good fit to represent you, we ask for no upfront payment.

We understand the financial stress you’re under and seek to alleviate that burden. If we do not recover compensation on your behalf, you are under no obligation to pay for our services. The standard legal fee in British Columbia is roughly one-third of a recovery. Contact us today for dedicated advocacy for your health and well-being.

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