Squamish Product Liability Lawyer

Are you or a loved one suffering from injury or illness after the routine use of a consumer product? You may have the grounds for a lawsuit. An experienced product liability lawyer from our firm is standing by to answer any questions you may have about seeking compensation and justice.

How Common Are Product Liability Lawsuits?

An estimated 4 in 10 small businesses will experience a property or general liability claim within the next decade. For businesses exporting to Canada or manufacturing within Canada, it is a matter of when not if. Common goods implicated in product liability lawsuits include electrical appliances, toys, electronics, medication, medical devices, and food products. 

What Injuries or Illnesses Do People in Squamish Sue Product Manufacturers For? 

No one is excited about suing a product manufacturer but given the nature and extent of your injuries or illness, you may have no better alternative. The product liability claims one of our personal injury lawyer files generally results in costly medical care both now and in the future.

Burns and deep lacerations that result in scarring are prevalent. Hard injuries like broken bones, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries are also common. Other cases may involve loss of one of the senses, internal bleeding, infection, gastrointestinal illness, gangrene, paralysis, nerve damage, poisoning, cancer, heart attack, stroke, or death.   

What Compensation Is Available in Product Liability Cases? 

Product liability cases compensate victims for their medical expenses, first and foremost– so that would include ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgeries, treatments, medications, doctor’s co-pays, diagnostic imaging and testing, physical therapy, counselling, and assistive technology. Plaintiffs can collect for lost wages and loss of future earning capacity. Pain and suffering are capped at $375,000 in British Columbia, but it can certainly inflate the total recovery.

What A Product Liability Lawyer Can Do for You 

A product liability lawyer can:

  • Provide you with a free consultation and case review to help you explore your full set of legal options.
  • Investigate your claim, find corroborating evidence, subpoena documents, and build a solid case.
  • Liaison with the defendant(s), insurance providers, medical bill collectors, and the courtroom.
  • File all your paperwork and supporting documentation, pay your filing fees, and ensure you meet the deadline.
  • Negotiate a generous settlement or argue for maximum compensation in court.
  • Make sure you receive payment per the judge’s directives.
  • Provide you with additional support, such as medical referrals and other local resources. 

Contact our team of Squamish Product Liability Lawyers to Find the Care You Deserve 

Preszler Law is conveniently located one hour south of Squamish via BC-99. We put customer service first. We also provide 100% free case reviews and work on a contingency basis, so financial concerns are no issue in seeking the best possible care. If you are severely injured, we will come to your hospital, home, or business to assist with your claim. For more than six decades, we’ve served Canadians with respect and compassion. Contact us today.

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