Prince George Product Liability Lawyer

Canada ranks the sixth-largest market for product liability lawsuits, following the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Japan. These lawsuits total more than $5 billion worth of insurance payouts annually. If you or a loved one have suffered severe physical or psychological harm following the routine use of a consumer product, then you have every right to speak with a product liability lawyer about pursuing compensation.

Do You Need A Product Liability Lawyer? 

Manufacturers of consumer goods owe the common man a duty of care to:

  • Design safe products
  • Conduct appropriate testing to ensure safety
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Market accurately
  • Warn of product risks, and
  • Provide specific instructions for proper use.

Failure to do so opens a company to class action and mass tort lawsuits. Most of the product liability lawsuits in British Columbia pertain to tobacco, automotive parts, medical devices, agricultural products, and pharmaceuticals. We have experience litigating these types of cases, whether it’s defective hernia mesh, toxic workplace chemicals, contaminated produce, or an unsafe toy.

Prince George product liability lawyers routinely tend to locals who have suffered serious harm – injuries like burns, broken bones, internal organ damage, chronic illness, heart events, and psychological damage, etc. You might not require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer if they clear up within a few weeks with no lasting damage. However, if you require a long treatment protocol, require revision surgeries, or are permanently disabled, you may have grounds to sue.

Should You Join A Pending Class Action? 

Speaking with Prince George product liability lawyers is the best way to know if other similar lawsuits exist. As of October 2018, amendments to the Class Proceedings Act has allowed national opt-out classes in British Columbia. This makes it easier for individuals to be automatically included in a pending class action. It also makes it more appealing for plaintiffs’ counsel to take this kind of larger cases without incurring additional expenses.

Are You Within the Limitation Period?

One of the main deciding factors on whether to sue a manufacturer or not is whether you fall within the standard limitation period. While exceptions do exist, most product liability lawsuits in BC must be filed within two years of the realization of harm. Cases that fall outside this window may be automatically dismissed in summary judgement.

How Much Money Will You Get? 

Product liability cases can result in compensation for:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering (up to $375,000)
  • Loss of household services, consortium, companionship, or guidance

In wrongful death lawsuits, spouses and dependents may receive additional payments for funeral and burial costs. 

100% Free Case Evaluations 

You needn’t worry about how much a product liability lawyer will cost you. We offer 100% free case evaluations and contingency-based representation. We also cover all the upfront costs of discovery and litigation. Clients pay us upon the successful resolution of their claims. Contact us today for a potentially brighter tomorrow.

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