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Tyler was born and raised in BC. Following the completion of his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Cellular/Molecular Genetics, he went on to do a Master’s of Biomedical Technologies under the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine. Tyler then went on to complete his Juris Doctor degree at the University of British Columbia.

Advocating for injured people is what Tyler is passionate about. His legal practice is focused on building the evidence necessary for proving an injury claim in Court. He understands that an injured plaintiff is a person first, and a litigant second. Tyler handles a variety of injury claim types including: physical and psychological trauma from car accidents, trip and falls, sexual assaults, exposure to Roundup/glyphosate, exposure to Zantac/ranitidine, and other toxic tort claims involving carcinogenic materials.

He is a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia and the Law Society of British Columbia.

When not practicing law, he’s thinking about practicing law.

Tyler enjoys spending time in court. Here is a sample of some his recent decisions since joining Preszler (*trial results are case dependent):

Tyler may be reached at tdennis@preszlerlaw.com or call 1-800-JUSTICE.

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