Russ Howe


Russ Howe brings a wealth of personal injury litigation experience to Preszler injury lawyers. He handles catastrophic personal injury and insurance claims from start to finish, with particular focus on product liability, sexual assault, and disability claims. He has spent his entire career fearlessly fighting for the rights of victims and helping families recover from devasting injuries.

Beyond conducting trials, appeals and hearings at many levels of court, Russ is an educator on legal issues and is a highly sought-after speaker across Canada and the United States. Russ is the past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and has had the privilege of helping to train many young lawyers to be more effective advocates. Russ believes that a strong plaintiff’s bar is critical to delivering social justice and evens the playing field with institutional defendants.

Russ has published widely in the legal field and in the popular press and is particularly proud of his contribution to Dr. Alison Bested’s medical text Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

When not working Russ enjoys a multitude of sports including tennis, curling and soccer, and supports several charitable endeavours both inside and outside of Canada.

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