Robert P. Preszler B.A., LL.B.


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Robert founded Preszler Injury Lawyers and is a senior partner with the Ontario branch. He graduated
from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1959.

Robert is the son of a tobacco farmer who learned his work ethic in the tobacco fields
surrounding London, Ontario. Although he wanted to continue in his father’s footsteps,
his parents pushed him to pursue law and fight for “the little guy,” like many of his other
family members had done.

Instead of representing insurance companies or other large corporations, Robert has helped
regular people access justice. He now confines his practice to only the most serious personal
injuries and to mentoring young lawyers and legal professionals. He prides himself on having
founded and grown one of the largest and most successful personal injury law firms in Canada.
First and foremost, Robert is known for his honesty and integrity as a senior member of the bar.

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