Abbotsford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Outside of Vancouver, Abbotsford has a higher population density than other cities in British Columbia. That density leads to more automobile traffic and more risks for motorcycle riders. The Preszler team of Abbotsford motorcycle accident lawyers have the experience to recover greater damages awards for riders and their families. We understand the prejudices that riders face, and we work tirelessly so that victims can get back on their bikes and onto British Columbia’s open roads. 

Retain the right lawyer to recover damages for motorcycle accident claims

Your opportunity to recover the full amount of damages that you deserve will be better when you hire a lawyer who understands the culture of riding. A negligent motorist might try to argue, for example, that the biker was careless, did not wear bright clothing, or failed to use a certified helmet or other required safety equipment. Your Abbotsford motorcycle accident lawyer should know how to address each of these challenges and to use the detailed records of the accident to rebut each of them. A lawyer who knows motorcycles will be better equipped to do that.

Dealing with the ICBC

The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) provides liability coverage for almost every motor vehicle in the province. To recover damages for your losses and injuries, you will first need to file a report with the ICBC no more than 30 days after your accident. You must also apply for Part 7 no-fault accident benefits within 90 days. Consult with a lawyer throughout this process to verify that the reports and information you give to the ICBC will support your claims for the largest available damages award.

Recovering damages and the facts about your accident

Your opportunity to recover the full amount will depend on the details of your motorcycle accident. Your lawyer will analyze those details to argue for compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, both actual and potential future medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and reimbursement for family members who assist in your recovery.

You can help your Abbottsford personal injury lawyer by maintaining detailed information about your accident, including pictures and witness information that you can collect at the scene, copies of your medical bills, pay stubs that show wage loss, maintenance records for your ride, and any information about your riding experience and history.

Call our Preszler team of Abbotsford motorcycle accident lawyers

You can call any one of Preszler Law’s seven offices in British Columbia any time of day or night, and you will always have a chance to speak directly with a motorcycle accident lawyer at no cost to you. If you choose to retain our firm and we agree to pursue your claim for damages, you will receive no invoices from us, because we will recover our fees from the damages that we collect on your behalf. If we cannot recover damages, you will owe us nothing.

We have a consultation office at 2665 Clearbrook in Abbotsford. We also have headquarters offices in Vancouver and five other consultation offices in British Columbia. Please see our website or call us directly for more information on filing a damages claim after you are in an Abbotsford motorcycle accident.

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