New Westminster Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Physicians, hospitals, and medical centers that provide healthcare for New Westminster residents are renowned throughout British Columbia and Canada for their high standards of care. However, when doctors or hospitals fail to live up to those standards, the medical malpractice law firm of Preszler Law stands ready to help injured patients recover the largest damages award that they may be entitled to receive. Our team of New Westminster personal injury lawyers offer compassionate legal representation.

The Basic Elements of a Medical Negligence Lawsuit

A successful medical malpractice lawsuit will be built upon a foundation of these key components:

  • The treating physician or hospital owed a patient a duty of care. This duty is an inherent part of every doctor-patient relationship.
  • Medical services must follow certain standards of care. Failure to adhere to that standard will be deemed to be medical negligence.
  • The patient suffered reasonably foreseeable injuries that were the proximate result of the physician’s or hospital’s negligence.
  • The patient experienced verifiable monetary losses in connection with those injuries.

A knowledgeable and experienced medical malpractice lawyer will describe the specific facts of each case within the framework of these elements. Common negligence fact patterns include:

  • failure to provide treatment or order diagnostic tests that are called for by the patient’s symptoms;
  • inadequate disclosures of side effects or risks associated with medical procedures or treatments;
  • surgical procedures that are performed on the wrong body parts or organs, or that injure organs that are not part of the procedure;
  • wrong medication dosages that lead to serious injuries;
  • failure to consider or recommend alternative treatments that may be common to a diagnosis or medical condition.

Components of Medical Malpractice Damages

The damages that an injured patient can recover in a lawsuit are not limited to just immediate healthcare costs. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will argue for damages to compensate for an injured patient’s lost income and reduced job opportunities, the patient’s anticipated future medical and rehabilitative costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses, for example, transportation costs to treatment facilities and fees for case management.

A lawyer will typically also seek non-pecuniary damages for pain and suffering and similar matters. Canadian Law caps those damages at $350,000.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits and the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

The CMPA provides legal defence and liability protection to Canadian health care providers. This organization retains teams of lawyers who have extensive experience in pushing back against claims. You can increase your opportunity to receive the largest possible damages award by promptly filing your lawsuit and following the advice of all physicians and other caregivers for your treatment.

New Westminster Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Free Consultations

Preszler Law maintains offices in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey to provide convenient consultation locations for the firm’s New Westminster clients. You can call the firm at any time of day or night to schedule a complimentary consultation about your case.

If you retain one of our lawyers and we agree to represent you, we will provide our services on a contingency fee basis. You will pay no fees to us directly, but instead, we will earn our fees from the damages that we recover for you.  Please see our website or call us at your earliest convenience after you have experienced a medical negligence injury.


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