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The increased use of technology, large patient loads, and the long hours doctors work increases their propensity for errors. British Columbia law holds doctors and medical specialists to a high degree of accountability. The effects of medical malpractice can be devastating, expensive, and lifelong.

Expert Legal Care East of Vancouver Island

Preszler Law is a medical malpractice law firm equipped to pursue the most complex cases. Our team has handled claims related to birth injuries, wrong diagnosis, missed or delayed diagnosis, medication errors, anesthesia errors, surgical mistakes, and failure to obtain informed consent before treatment. Visit our office in Richmond, B.C. for the attention and compassion you deserve.

Was It Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider deviates from an acceptable standard of care. Doctor negligence can be an uphill battle to prove, but the courts consider a “reasonable” person to be someone with a comparable job title, specialization, and years of experience. A larger firm like Preszler Law will retain a network of respected medical experts who can examine your case and provide credible testimony. Often, these cases boil down to this type of evidence.

A strong malpractice claim exists if:

  • There is a patient-doctor relationship.
  • The patient suffered serious harm.
  • The harm suffered was linked to substandard care.
  • The patient’s harm caused financial loss.

Civil courts base their decision on a “preponderance of the evidence,” meaning that it is more likely than not to have happened the way you describe it. This is a much lower conviction standard than criminal court, which requires a medical malpractice lawyer to prove negligence “beyond all reasonable doubt.”

Why File A Civil Lawsuit?

Most people file medical malpractice lawsuits because they have no other way of paying for their bills. If healthcare professionals have wronged you, you can collect compensation to cover lost wages, bills, future medical expenses, and up to $330,000 for “pain and suffering.” Pursuing your legal rights is important in deterring future patient abuse. Many clients are enlightened by having their injuries fully investigated by a team of professional Nanaimo personal injury lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Limitation Period in British Columbia 

It is best to work with a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. For most claims, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the last negligent treatment. Extensions apply for minors, who may have until age 21 to file. Working with a lawyer early ensures all evidence is preserved and you are given a fair deal from insurance adjusters. Often, we can defer the payment of medical bills until your case has been resolved.

What Does A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Cost? 

As a successful personal injury firm, Preszler Law does not charge clients any money upfront. Your interaction with us begins with a free consultation where we examine the merits of your case and decide if we’d make a good fit for your representation. If so, we cover all the upfront expenses of discovery and litigation. If you win, a government-dictated percentage of your settlement or jury award comes out for our legal fee.

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