Whistler Long Term Disability Lawyer

Following the diagnosis of serious injury or illness, you are the best judge of when you’re well enough to go back to your job. Some people return to work without any problem, but others may find it difficult to resume usual duties, get time off for medical appointments, and make as much money as they used to earn. In these cases, a personal injury law firm like Preszler Law can explain the benefits of long term disability insurance and how to handle the appeals process. Meeting with us will cost you nothing upfront.

How Can Long-Term Disability Insurance Help You?

Long-Term Disability benefits are a common way of covering living expenses while you are disabled. This type of employer and employer-sponsored insurance pays two-thirds of your salary if you are unable to work for an extended period or at all. Usually LTD benefits kick in after short-term disability benefits expire. You will need to provide specific medical information and updates regarding your condition to be eligible for benefits. Our team of Whistler personal injury lawyers is standing by ready to assist you.

How Can A Long-Term Disability Lawyer Help You?

The government denies 60 percent of all claims upon the initial filing. There are no statistics for private insurers, but we can assume it’s pretty much the same. Sometimes that means rejecting perfectly valid claims on a technicality or taking advantage of an applicant’s inexperience with the policy. Hiring a personal injury lawyer from our firm is a convenient option for obtaining the finances you need to live well.

How To Appeal A Long Term Disability Insurer’s Decision

If you have been denied for Long Term Disability, you have several options:

  • Appeal through the insurer’s internal claims process. If your claim was denied simply because you missed a doctor’s appointment or a scheduled treatment, you can easily make up your appointment and submit an explanation and proof of the reschedule along with your appeal. For most other matters, it is unlikely the insurance company will simply “reconsider” their original decision.
  • Appeal through a tribunal. If you are looking for a speedy resolution and you’re covered by a union, you may be able to appeal through an informal tribunal arbitration. You may not need a lawyer for this type of external appeal. If successful, you may be eligible to receive some back pay you would have received during the period for which the claim was unfairly denied.
  • Appeal through the courts. External appeals through the court system provide the greatest opportunity for recovery. Not only can you receive backpay compensation, but you may also claim additional funding to cover the mental stress and hardship of being denied, claim punitive damages to punish the insurer for willful malice against you, and even claim the legal fees associated with your case. Since there are no upfront costs to consulting with our team of Whistler personal injury lawyers, you will likely end up paying nothing for legal representation. If your claim is unsuccessful, the lawyer makes no money.
  • Seek alternative financing. If LTD benefits are not an option for you, a lawyer can help counsel you on government pension benefits or personal injury lawsuits that may pertain to your cause of illness or injury. Often, patients are surprised to learn about defective drugs, consumer products, or similar medical malpractice claims related to their particular maladies. It’s always worth the investigation.

Get A Free Consultation and Representation with No Upfront Fees

We are a long term disability law firm serving Whistler, BC residents. Whether you need to first apply, appeal an unfavourable decision, explore alternatives to LTD insurance, or file a personal injury lawsuit, we are here to assist you every step of the way. From nearby offices in the Vancouver Metro, we coordinate the securing of medical records, expert testimony, and a strong offence to support the validity of your claim. Upon appeal, roughly 68 percent of all claims will succeed.

Your personal success story begins by meeting with a long term disability lawyer from our firm for a free consultation. If we agree to take your case, you owe us nothing upfront. Our government-regulated legal fee comes out of the back pay owed to you by the insurance company. We look forward to speaking with you.






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