Victoria Long Term Disability Lawyer

If you are suddenly unable to earn a living due to a severe illness or serious injury, you can deplete your cash savings long before you begin to receive any long term disability benefits. In many cases, disability benefits payments will not be approved until several months after a claim is filed, if they are approved at all.

The Victoria long term disability lawyers from Preszler Law help disabled individuals to file their claims properly the first time, to collect greater disability payments, and to appeal denials of disability claims. Our dedicated and compassionate team takes time to understand your case and to present a complete picture of your disability to optimize your opportunity to receive the long term benefits you deserve.

Proving  your injury or illness to a disability benefits insurance company

Whether you are applying for disability benefits from the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), a private disability or workers compensation insurance carrier, or some other public or private disability liability provider, you will need to complete lengthy questionnaires and submit to medical examinations to verify your illness or disability.

Those insurers will first determine if you have worked or paid into a disability plan long enough to meet the threshold requirements for filing a claim. They will then review the substance of your medical report and the other information you submitted.

That report and information need to show that you suffer from a severe or prolonged physical or mental health problem that is unlikely to be reversed or remedied. The CPP might take up to 120 days before it responds to your claim. Other insurers might respond more quickly, but in all cases, you have no guarantee that you will receive any benefits regardless of how you feel about your inability to work.

An experienced lawyer from a long term disability law firm can expedite this process and improve your chances for a favourable response by confirming that your claim is submitted without any missing pieces and with a solid justification for disability benefits payments.

Appealing a denial of a disability benefits claim

The CPP denies a number of long term disability benefits claims, for example, because the applicant did not submit all of the requested information or his or her medical report did not fully or clearly describe his or her debilitating medical condition. Every applicant can appeal a denial, but the appeals process includes a number of strict deadlines and procedural requirements. A Victoria long term disability lawyer is a claimant’s best resource to successfully file an appeal. Claimants have a right to be represented by a lawyer, even if they did not retain a lawyer for their initial claim.

Consult with a Victoria long  term disability lawyer at no extra cost to you

The lawyers at Preszler Law’s Victoria personal injury law firm offer complimentary consultations to individuals who are filing or appealing the denial of disability benefits claims.  We will examine all potential sources for disability benefits payments, including the CPP, private or workers compensation insurance, and other programs that are specific to residents of British Columbia.

Long term disability insurance will generally not replace the full amount of a disabled person’s salary or wages, but when a claim is filed properly, a disabled individual can receive between 50% and 70% of those wages, up to the maximum monthly payments allowed by each plan. Our lawyers can also assist in filing claims for tax credits that can reduce a disabled individual’s annual income tax burden.

Contact Preszler Law for Assistance in Filing a Long Term Disability Claim

Please call Preszler Law any time of day or night for answers to your questions about filing disability benefits claims. We have seven offices throughout British Columbia, including our consultation office at 1321 Blanshard Street in Victoria. Our lawyers will work with you through the entire claims process to confirm that you are receiving the full amount of disability benefits that are allowed under the applicable programs.

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