Surrey Long Term Disability Lawyer

Injuries and other medical problems that seem minor at first can evolve into chronic or severe disabilities that prevent a person from working and earning a paycheck. Your inability to make a living can add to an already stressful situation. Fortunately, you likely have multiple opportunities to receive long term disability benefits on account of your injuries or conditions. Qualifying for and receiving those benefits, however, can be an uphill battle.

If you are looking for a long term disability law firm in Surrey, reach out to Preszler Law today. We understand the many challenges of getting the long-term disability benefits that you deserve. We are dedicated to representing disabled individuals throughout British Columbia to receive the disability benefit payments that the law entitles them to receive.

Injuries and illnesses that cause long term disabilities

Many people associate long term disabilities with severe physical injuries that limit all physical activities. The truth is that multiple illnesses and injuries can prevent a person from performing job-related tasks, including:

  • Back, spine, and neck problems
  • Pain from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or post-operative chronic soreness
  • Heart and lung conditions that limit endurance
  • Uncontrollable anxiety or depression
  • Any form of cancer

In general, if an injury or illness is severe and prolonged and shows no signs of being correctable, it can form the basis of a long term disability claim.

Filing a disability benefits claim

Disability payments may be available from multiple sources, including the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP),  the Provincial Workers Compensation Program, the Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Program, and other private or province-specific public disability insurance programs. An experienced Surrey long term disability lawyer can help you determine which of those sources are applicable to your situation.

For virtually every source, at a minimum, you will need to complete a questionnaire and submit a doctor’s report with respect to your disability. Many claims are rejected because applicants submit incomplete information or miss important filing deadlines. Again, a knowledgeable lawyer can review your application for completeness before you submit it and track all deadlines to verify that none are missed.

Moving forward when a long term disability claim is denied

Regardless of the reason for a denial, every applicant has a right to appeal an adverse decision from a disability benefits administrator. The appeals process will likely have tighter deadlines and stricter procedural rules. Even if an applicant did not retain a lawyer for assistance in filing a long term disability claim, that applicant can use legal assistance for the appeal to increase his or her chances of a more favourable result.

Call Preszler Law for Compassionate Long Term Disability Claims Assistance

The lawyers at Preszler Law’s Surrey personal injury law firm represent disabled individuals throughout British Columbia to apply for and receive the full amount of disability benefits that are available to them under all disability benefits programs. Our primary offices are in Vancouver, and we have consultation offices at six other locations in the province, including one at 7164 120th Street in Surrey.

You can call any of our offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to consult with a long term disability lawyer at no cost to you. Please call us for answers to questions about your disability benefits eligibility and for assistance in filing or appealing your claim.

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