Prince George Long Term Disability Lawyer

For injured or sick workers in Prince George, long term disability benefits can make a significant difference in your life. If you miss work for extended periods, you could have a valid long-term disability claim. However, getting the disability benefits you need is often easier said than done. Your insurance company has a financial interest in getting out of paying them, and they will often go to great lengths to avoid it. Our team of Prince George personal injury lawyers might be able to help you hold them accountable.

At Preszler Law, we know what it is like to miss extended periods of work due to an injury. The financial burden is significant, and we pride ourselves on advocating for those families. If you are ready to get started with your long term disability claim, contact a Preszler personal injury lawyer right away.

Tips for a successful long-term disability claim

Ideally, your insurance company would bend over backwards to ensure your needs are met. Instead, they might use any technicality or loophole they can to avoid paying your benefits. There are some steps you can take to protect your rights, however. They include:

  • Follow doctor’s orders. You must follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter. If you fail to follow the treatment plan, your condition could worsen. Not only that, but your insurance carrier could use your refusal to follow doctor’s orders as a reason to deny your claim. Be sure to follow their advice and never skip appointments.
  • Keep records. Your medical bills and records are the foundation of your long-term disability claim. If you fail to keep proper records, your insurance carrier could deny your claim by alleging they have not been presented with the necessary proof.
  • Speak carefully. The insurance company and its representatives will seize on any opportunity to deny your claim, so watch what you say to them. Offhand comments can be misconstrued, and optimistic pleasantries about how you are feeling can be used against you to cancel your coverage.
  • Talk to a Lawyer. When it comes to a denied long-term disability claim, there are too many challenges and loopholes to navigate on your own. But if you have an experienced long term disability lawyer on your side, you increase your odds of a positive outcome to your claim.

Grounds for a denial

While there are countless reasons given by insurance companies for a denied claim, some of the most common grounds include:

  • Your injury or illness does not qualify as a “disability” under the language of your policy
  • You missed appointments or failed to follow your doctor’s orders
  • You did not file your claim on time
  • You failed to submit the appropriate records.

Discuss your options with a Prince George long term disability lawyer

Following a long-term injury or illness, you deserve to obtain benefits through your insurance policy. While your insurance carrier might not make the process simple, the experienced team at Preszler Law is prepared to advocate for you.

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