Nanaimo Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Whether from illness or injury, there is a strong possibility that you will deal with a disability at some point during your career. For most people this disability is temporary, often lasting only a matter of days or weeks. However, some conditions will not resolve right away, if ever. That is when our Preszler team of Nanaimo long-term disability lawyers could help. Disability insurance provides you with weekly benefit payments intended to cover your expenses while you are unable to work. We look forward to guiding Nanaimo residents through the process of seeking benefits.

While the process of receiving disability benefits may sound easy, the reality is it is often anything but simple. There is a wide array of reasons your insurer could deny your claim. For help with appealing a denial, you could benefit from the guidance of a long term disability law firm. To learn more about the claims process, call Preszler Law today to schedule a free consultation.

Common reasons for a denied long-term disability claim

Your insurer can deny your claim for long-term disability benefits for several reasons. Denials are made constantly, even in cases where you are clearly unable to work. This is not difficult to understand: insurance companies exist to make money. Every dollar they avoid paying you is another dollar in their pocket. Thankfully, Nanaimo long-term disability lawyers can help you fight for the benefits you deserve. Common reasons for a denied disability claim may include:

  • You did not include complete medical records with your claim
  • You did not attach enough valid medical evidence to support your claim
  • Your records do not reflect you are sufficiently injured to require benefits
  • Your policy does not entitle you to the benefits you are seeking
  • You failed to follow your doctor’s orders

A denial is not the only way for an insurer to take advantage of you. Your insurance company could delay paying your benefits or cut them off before you are fully healed. They can also attempt to trick you into making a statement that could harm your claim.

How a Nanaimo long-term disability lawyer could help

While a denial is frustrating, it is not the end of your disability claim. You have the right to appeal, and a long term disability lawyer from Preszler Law could guide you through the appellate process. Other ways we can help include:

  • Helping you understand the details of your insurance policy
  • Providing evidence to your insurer that your injury prevents you from working
  • Helping you avoid an unfair medical examination from a doctor paid for by your carrier
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf

Reach out to Preszler Law

If your long-term disability claim was denied, Preszler Law is ready to help you continue with your fight. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the strength of your claim.


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