Langley Long Term Disability Lawyer

Prolonged medical conditions and serious injuries can prevent you from earning a living, but long term disability benefits can replace at least part of the wages or salary you lose when you are unable to work. Claiming and qualifying for those benefits, however, is far from automatic.

The lawyers at Preszler Law’s Langley long term disability law firm represent disabled individuals who are filing a claim for benefits. Retaining the right lawyers to handle your case can be the difference between receiving full long term disability benefits and no benefits at all.

Consider all the benefits that you are entitled to receive

A knowledgeable and experienced Langley long term disability lawyer will review the facts of your case and help you apply for disability benefits and credits from all possible sources, including:

• The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), which provides disability payments for persons under the age of 65 who are unable to work due to serious and prolonged medical problems or injuries that are unlikely to be reversed
• Workers benefits under the Provincial Workers Compensation Program, which covers employees of companies enrolled in a workers compensation plan and provides benefits for employees that suffer job-related injuries
• Veterans benefits under the Veterans Affairs Canada Disability Program, which offers compensation to individuals who suffer medical problems related to their military service
• Disability Tax Credits, which reduce a disabled person’s annual income tax burdens
• Other private or province-specific public disability insurance programs

Managing the disability benefits claim process

Every person that seeks long term disability payments will be required to complete a questionnaire and to submit documentation to verify their claim. One of the more critical submissions is a report from a physician who assesses the scope and extent of a disability. If the doctor’s report does not support the claim, the applicant will be facing a much more difficult process.

The lawyers at our Langley personal injury law firm have the expertise to review doctor’s reports before they are submitted and to consult with physicians and other medical experts regarding how an applicant’s physical or mental condition precludes that person from maintaining regular employment. This review can significantly improve the chances of approval of a claimant’s application.

Appealing a denial of a long-term disability claim

If an applicant’s claim is denied, he or she can file an appeal and a request for reconsideration of the claim. The denied applicant has the right to legal representation during the appeals process even if he or she was not represented by a lawyer during the initial filing of the claim. The deadlines and procedures for disability benefits appeals are stricter than for those initial filings, and few applicants are able to successfully submit an appeal without a lawyer’s assistance.

Call Preszler Law for a Complimentary Consultation About Your Long-Term Disability Claim

You can contact our multiple offices in British Columbia at any time of day or night, including on weekends and holidays, to consult with a Langley long term disability lawyer about your claim. Your initial consultation with one of our lawyers is always complimentary. If we accept your case, we will earn our fees from the benefits that we help you to claim. Please call us before you get bogged down in the bureaucracy of filing a long term disability claim.

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