Kelowna Long Term Disability Lawyer

Most people will miss a day of work here or there. Unfortunately, many Kelowna residents could miss significant time from their jobs following a major injury or illness. These disabilities are often temporary, requiring days or months to heal completely. Other forms of disability are permanent, however, and require a lifetime of care and treatment.

If this has happened to you, you may need our Preszler team of Kelowna disability lawyers. The process of filing for a claim can be complex, and we are ready to assist you. To discuss your potential claim with a long term disability law firm, reach out to us today.

How a Kelowna long terms disability lawyer can help

There are many ways in which you could be shortchanged with disability benefits. Injury victims are routinely denied benefits even though they need them. In some cases, benefits are terminated early. These decisions can make a challenging situation even worse. On top of your injury, negotiating with your insurance company can lead to unnecessary stress that will only negatively impact your health.

Thankfully, our team of Kelowna disability lawyers can handle your claim from start to finish. Determining the level of benefits you are entitled to can be challenging, but your lawyer can help ensure you are categorized correctly by the insurance provider.

Ensuring the accuracy of your claim can make the difference between receiving the benefits you deserve and getting nothing. With the help of a long term disability lawyer, you could file a claim that carefully and fully reflects your physical condition. Your lawyer will guide you through the process while investigating your claim. Together, you may be able to maximize your benefits.

Common causes of disability

Countless factors could lead a long-term disability claim. In some cases, these injuries arise from a serious accident that could take place at work, in the car, or at home.

Not all disability claims result from an injury, however. Some stem from a chronic condition or illness; examples can include mental illness, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or cancer. No matter the cause, if a disability policy covers you, then you have the right to seek a claim for benefits. You also have the right to the guidance of a dedicated lawyer during the entire claims process.

Contact Kelowna long term disability lawyers today

At Preszler Law, obtaining benefits on your behalf is our top priority. We understand that time is of the essence. If you are unable to work due to your disability, your claim could represent your only opportunity to make ends meet. To learn about how our firm can help you navigate the long-term disability claim process, call today to schedule your initial consultation. There is no obligation after speaking with us, and the initial consultation with us is always free.


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