Coquitlam Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Meeting your family’s financial needs can be a challenge even when you are in the best health. That challenge intensifies if you suffer an injury or illness that keeps you out of work for an extended period. If you expect to miss a significant amount of time on the job, you could have a viable claim for long-term disability benefits. While they are designed to help workers make ends meet when disabled, the insurance companies do not make this a simple process. Thankfully, you have the right to seek help from our Preszler team of Coquitlam long-term disability lawyers to help move your claim forward.

Many workers see their claims denied or their benefits cut off prematurely despite physically being unable to work. That is because certain conditions must be met to receive compensation, and insurance companies know how to pay as little as possible on these claims under the law. If you are ready to fight back against unfair denials, contact a long term disability law firm today.

Common grounds for the denial of your claim

Never forget– insurance companies are out to make a profit. Part of that involves avoiding benefit payouts. Even in cases where you are clearly disabled, your insurance company will make every effort to block or reduce your claim.

Your insurer writes the terms of your contract, and they are designed to work against you. That does not mean you cannot recover on your claim, however. It does mean that you may need the guidance of Coquitlam long-term disability lawyers to maximize your benefits award. At Preszler Law, we are familiar with every loophole and trick. We can help you prepare your claim in a manner that minimizes the risk of a denial. Some of the denials we commonly respond to include:

  • Your injury or illness does not qualify as a “disability” under your insurance policy
  • The evidence you have provided does not prove you suffered an injury or illness
  • Your injury or illness is a pre-existing condition not covered by your policy
  • You did not file your claim promptly

If your claim is denied, that does not mean your chances of recovering benefits are over. You have the right to appeal a denial, and a long term disability lawyer from Preszler Law is ready to stand by your side.

The benefits of working with a Coquitlam long term disability lawyer

The process of recovering benefits following a disability can be lengthy and challenging. Our firm has a long history of helping our clients recover the benefits they deserve. If your initial claim is denied, we can help you file an appeal and continue the process of seeking compensation. We know the burdens that follow a serious injury or illness, which is why the initial consultation is always free. To discuss your case with Preszler Law, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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