Burnaby Long Term Disability Lawyer

An accident or illness that leaves you unable to work for an extended period can be devastating on many levels. Nonetheless, a long term disability does not need to be financially ruinous. Employer and government disability insurance programs offer safety nets that replace at least a portion of lost income when a disability prevents you from working.

Qualifying for disability payments can be a challenge. The Burnaby long term disability lawyers at Preszler Law help residents of British Columbia to submit and process their disability claims and to improve their chances of getting those claims approved.

The Canadian Pension Plan and long term disability

If your disability is severe and prolonged, then in addition to your disability payments under private or employer-provided plans, you might be entitled to Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits. If you are eligible for those benefits, you will need to complete a CPP questionnaire and submit a medical report and other information to file your claim. Claims may be denied if the information is incomplete or the medical report does not thoroughly describe your illness or injury. An experienced lawyer from a long term disability law firm can help you to avoid these problems and to better position your claim for approval.

Challenging the denial of a long term disability claim

You will always have a right to appeal the denial of a disability claim, but the appeals process can be overwhelming for someone who is already dealing with a chronic injury or illness. Even if you did not retain a lawyer to assist you with your initial claim, you can hire a Burnaby long term disability lawyer if you want to appeal a disability claim denial.

The deadlines for filing an appeal are relatively short and missing those deadlines will disqualify you from pursuing your claim. Because of this, you should contact a knowledgeable disability benefits lawyer as soon as possible after your initial claim is denied.

Other sources of long term disability benefits

You may be entitled to claim long term disability benefits from sources other than the CPP. Depending on the nature of your illness or the cause of a debilitating injury, you might have an opportunity to claim worker’s compensation benefits, veterans’ disability payments, and benefits from other province-specific support programs. You and your family might also qualify for certain tax credits. Those tax credits will not provide direct payments to you, but they will lower your annual income tax burden from the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Long Term Disability Lawyers for Burnaby and all of British Columbia

At the Burnaby personal injury law firm of Preszler Law, we do more than help our clients recover damages for negligently inflicted injuries. When those injuries are severe or when a person is experiencing a prolonged illness, we utilize our knowledge and experience to help them navigate British Columbia’s confusing long term disability claims process.

We have seven offices throughout British Columbia, including our consultation office at 4720 Kingsway in Burnaby. Please call our offices any time of day or night if you are considering filing a claim for long term disability payments or if your disability claim has been denied. Our dedicated and compassionate lawyers will provide a complimentary initial consultation.

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