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Long term disability benefits can replace a substantial portion of the income you lose when you are unable to work due to chronic illness or serious accident. Verifying your disability and processing your claim, however, is often a frustrating and confusing experience.

The long term disability lawyers from Preszler Law represent residents of Abbotsford and other communities in British Columbia to help them qualify for all disability benefits that they are entitled to receive. We work with our clients to cut through the bureaucracy of the claims process and to improve their chances of having their long term disability benefits applications approved.

The definition of “disability” under the Canadian Pension Plan

The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) is a primary source of disability benefits for people under 65. Anyone who has paid into the CPP for at least four of the most recent six years, or who paid into the plan for 25 years and made CPP contributions for three of the last six years may be eligible to receive these benefits when a medical condition prevents that person from working. You will need to show that your disability is severe or prolonged and that it is likely to continue for an indeterminate amount of time or to lead to your death. Claimants can substantially improve their chances for approval of their claims when they hire a long term disability law firm that has experience in filing and prosecuting CPP claims.

A denial of a disability benefits claim does not end the process

The CPP denies a number of long term disability benefits claims, for example, because the applicant did not submit all of the requested information or his or her medical report did not fully or clearly describe his or her debilitating medical condition. Every applicant can appeal a denial, but the appeals process includes a number of strict deadlines and procedural requirements.

An Abbotsford long term disability lawyer is a claimant’s best resource to effectively submit an appeal. Claimants have a right to be represented by a lawyer, even if they did not retain a lawyer for their initial claim.

The long term disability benefits that may be available

Long term disability payments will likely not replace the full amount of a claimant’s regular wages. In most cases, a successful claimant will recover between 50% and 70% of the wages that he or she earned before suffering a prolonged and severe disability. CPP benefits payments also have a cap of slightly more than $1,150 per month. A disability benefits lawyer can help claimants to recover greater benefits payments than they might receive if they filed their claims without legal assistance.

A knowledgeable and experienced Abbotsford long term disabilities lawyer will also investigate other sources of benefits payments for a claimant, including workers compensation, veterans disability payments, tax credits, and other private, public, and employer-sponsored disability insurance programs.

Call Preszler Law for a Complimentary Consultation

Are you a resident of British Columbia who is no longer able to earn a salary or wages because of a severe disability? The lawyers at the Abbotsford personal injury law firm of Preszler Law are ready to help you recover the long-term disability benefits that you are entitled to.

Our Abbotsford office is at 2655 Clearbrook Road. We also have offices in Vancouver and at five other locations in the province. You can call any of our offices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for a complimentary consultation with a long term disability lawyer. Please contact us directly for more information on filing a claim or appealing the denial of a claim for long term disability payments.

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