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The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) is a valuable safety net for citizens injured in motor vehicle collisions. Part 7 benefits for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and wage losses can help you stay afloat while you take time off work to recover. However, some 20,000 lawsuits are filed each year, with claimants arguing they did not receive a fair amount for their losses.

From the earliest days following your injury, Preszler Law Coquitlam ICBC lawyers offer free case evaluations, compassionate service, and legal representation with no upfront cost. Even if you do not file a lawsuit, it is still helpful to have additional investigative muscle and legal advice while dealing with ICBC negotiations.

What To Do After A Car Accident

To make the strongest case in support of your car accident claim, you must record the licence plate number of each vehicle involved in the accident, the driver’s licence number of each driver, the insurance information for vehicles not insured by ICBC, the name and address of your repair facility, and the police file number, if applicable. Armed with this information, you may then file your claim online at or call 1-800-910-4222. A claims adjuster will contact you after one business day if more information is required. You may monitor the details of your claim online at any time.

Should You File An ICBC Lawsuit?

If the amount ICBC offers you doesn’t seem commensurate with your injuries, you may refuse. They may come back with a subsequent offer, or you may find yourself in a deadlock situation. At this point, people tend to enlist the services of an ICBC lawyer to file a lawsuit and let the courts decide what is fair.

The steps of an ICBC lawsuit include:

  • Filing a notice of claim
  • Exchanging document lists and relevant information
  • Collecting available records from your doctor, employer, disability insurer, and police investigators
  • Interviewing the other party and gathering additional evidence
  • Engaging in mediation to see if a favourable pre-trial settlement is possible
  • Delivering expert reports, witness lists, and demonstrative evidence
  • Trial to reach a final sum
  • Assessment of cost and disbursements

ICBC lawsuits often allege enduring injuries, such as whiplash neck pain, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, concussion, chronic pain lasting more than six months, torn ligaments, joint injuries, herniated discs, back pain, fractured spinal vertebrae, paralysis, or quadriplegia.

Maximize Your Compensation

Making a case for the severity of your injuries is only part of what an ICBC law firm can do for you. We will fight against false attempts to blame you for the accident and preserve all evidence that corroborates your side of the story. Your ICBC lawyer will make sure you sign up for employment insurance and income replacement benefits as soon as possible to compensate for time off work during recovery. Working with Preszler Law will keep you on track, watch the calendar for compliance with all deadlines, and help you recover fair compensation for your injuries. Call today or visit one of our offices in Surrey or Burnaby for access to experienced Coquitlam ICBC lawyers.

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