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Since its inception in 1973, the Insurance Company of British Columbia has provided universal liability insurance for virtually every motor vehicle registered and driven or parked on the public roads and streets of British Columbia. Under its charter, the ICBC reimburses motorists in Victoria and elsewhere in B.C. for their losses when they have been in a car accident.

The lawyers at Preszler Law established their ICBC law firm in part, to represent Victoria residents in filing car accident claims with the ICBC. We strive to level the playing field between the ICBC insurance giant and individual motorists and to help our clients recover maximum compensation for their auto accident claims.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Lawyer To File A Claim With The ICBC

Retaining an ICBC lawyer can take the stress out of the claims filing process and allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries. More specifically, your lawyer will watch the calendar to ensure compliance with critical deadlines. He or she will perform all of the following tasks:

  • Provide early notice to the ICBC
  • Assist in filing your written claim within 30 days after the accident to lock in your “Part 7” no-fault benefits
  • Help you complete the ICBC proof of claim form within 90 days
  • File a lawsuit to recover compensation for your losses and injuries within the statutory 2-year filing period after your accident

Your lawyer will also negotiate with the ICBC for recovery of the full amount of your damages. The amount of compensation is based on a calculation of your past, present, and anticipated future medical expenses; your reimbursement for lost wages; your occupational and rehabilitation therapy costs; and your damages for physical pain and suffering, including mental trauma.

An ICBC lawyer can also coach you regarding what to say and what not to concede when you talk to an ICBC claims adjuster. The ICBC will often want to settle claims quickly. In the rush to expedite resolution of the claim, an injured party can inadvertently waive his or her right to collect a more substantial damages award. When you retain a lawyer to help with your claim, you will protect yourself from making those unintentional waivers and unnecessary concessions.

Preszler Law offers complimentary initial consultations about your accident. If you elect to hire us to represent you, we will collect our fees from the award that we recover on your behalf. In almost every case, the net compensation that you receive for your ICBC claim will be larger than the amount you might recover without the assistance of a lawyer. 

Hit And Run Accident Claims Require Extra Attention 

The ICBC has implemented stricter procedures for filing claims after a hit and run accident. Specifically, you need to:

  • Immediately report the hit and run accident to the ICBC;
  • File a police report and cooperate fully in any police investigation;
  • Canvass the area, put up signs, and place newspaper ads for any witnesses to the accident;
  • File a detailed written report of the crash to the ICBC.

The ICBC has a policy limit of $200,000 for injuries in hit and run accidents. If your medical costs and expenses exceed $200,000, you may have an opportunity to recover an additional award from any underinsured motorist coverage that you carry. An ICBC lawyer will examine all sources of recovery to verify that all of your damages are reimbursed.

The Victoria ICBC Lawyers of Preszler Law

Preszler Law maintains offices at 1321 Blanshard Street in Victoria and six other locations throughout British Columbia. Our staff speaks multiple languages and will explain the ICBC claims filing process to you in a language that you understand. Please review our website and call us today for a complimentary consultation.

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