Vernon ICBC Lawyer

Although it was initially chartered as a non-profit entity, the Insurance Company of British Columbia ultimately became the only for-profit public insurance company in Canada. ICBC’s for-profit status created an incentive for the company to minimize insurance payments for car accident claims. Preszler Law represents Vernon residents when they need to file car accident claims with the ICBC. Working with an ICBC law firm such as ours can improve your chances of receiving greater compensation for your accident-related injuries rather than attempting to resolve the matter on your own.

The ICBC Has Strict Filing Requirements

Vernon residents who have never had to file a claim with the ICBC might easily miss the strict filing deadlines that the Company imposes for auto accident claims. Specifically:

  • An injured party must promptly notify the ICBC of the accident.
  • The injured person must submit a written claim within 30 days, as well as an ICBC proof of claims form within 90 days.
  • The injured party should also file a police report and cooperate with any official police investigation of the accident.
  • If an injured party needs to sue to recover the full amount of his or her losses and injuries, that party must file the lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident.

Hit and run accidents present additional hurdles for the injured party. ICBC policies generally cap compensation for injuries in these types of accidents at $200,000. Additional recovery may be available through your underinsured motorist coverage.

The ICBC Will Conduct Its Own Investigation Of The Accident

An ICBC claims representative will interview any injured party who files a claim. All comments made during that interview will be factored into the offer. Further, The ICBC may also require claimants to submit to a medical examination by a physician of the Company’s choosing. Many injured motorists inadvertently make comments during these interviews and medical examinations that the ICBC can use as the basis for reduced offers of payment. An ICBC lawyer can provide guidance about how to respond to inquiries without forfeiting your right to recover the reimbursements to which you are entitled.

Preszler Law’s Vernon ICBC Lawyers Offer Complimentary Consultations

Your first initial consultation with an ICBC lawyer from Preszler is always free of charge. If you retain our legal services, we will not take payment for our services unless and until we recover compensation on your behalf. The ICBC is often quick to offer minimal settlements that do not adequately reflect your total losses. We will negotiate with the ICBC in an effort to obtain the full amount you deserve. Vernon residents who need assistance with their ICBC claims are encouraged to reach out to Preszler Law as soon as possible.  Our multi-lingual lawyers and staff can simplify the ICBC claims process for you to allow you to focus on recovering from your losses and injuries.

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