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By law, you must contact the Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) within 24 hours of a motor vehicle accident. However, you must understand what your reporting obligation entails, so you do not inadvertently waive your right to pursue additional compensation for your injuries. Working with an ICBC lawyer will provide you with the guidance you need for a successful claim.

What You Need To Tell ICBC

Dial-a-Claim at 1-800-910-4222 any time 24/7, or fill out an online form within to report:

  • When and where the accident occurred
  • The licence plate numbers of all vehicles involved
  • Driver’s licence information
  • Witness names and contact information

You want to report what you know honestly and accurately, though you need not include ALL the details. Be sure you ask to see the other driver’s licence and insurance card, so you get the correct information. Some motorists try to evade liability by providing false contact information. If you can, take pictures of the damage to your car, the damage to the other vehicles, the post-accident scene car positioning, and any injuries you sustained. Jotting down all the details you can recall and sketching a diagram can help jog your memory later.

What You Don’t Need To Tell ICBC

Commonly, ICBC representatives will try to probe for more detailed information regarding fault and the injuries sustained. You DO NOT need to provide this information right away, as it may be used against you in refuting your claim. ICBC adjusters are eager to settle claims for lowball amounts, so it is wise to avoid meeting with them or signing a written statement. Working with an ICBC law firm before speaking with adjusters will help level the playing field, so you are not taken advantage of during your time of vulnerability.

How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

ICBC Part 7 Benefits provide compensation for:

  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation — physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, medication, counselling, home modifications, and personal attendant care.
  • Income loss – up to $740 per week after the first week of the accident and up to two years, only after Employment Insurance benefits have been exhausted; homemakers can receive benefits as well.
  • Death – up to $30,000 in funeral and burial expenses, and financial aid from the loss of support.

Motor vehicle accident victims can receive these benefits as long as they promptly report the accident to ICBC, provide a written report within 30 days, and provide a proof of claim form within 90 days.

There are some limitations to ICBC coverage. For instance, they do not pay for treatment facility “user fees,” which can cause financial hardship, depending on the level of care you require. If you need to pursue a Part 7 lawsuit, you have up to two years from the date of the accident to initiate your claim.

Where To Find A Chilliwack ICBC Lawyer

Preszler Law proudly serves all of the Fraser Valley Regional District, including over 100,000 residents in:

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Our Chilliwack ICBC lawyers operate out of nearby offices with a considerable support network that includes lawyers, case managers, investigators, and medical experts. Contact us for a free case evaluation and services in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Farsi, or Urdu. You pay your ICBC lawyer nothing unless we win!

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